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It's that time...

posted : Jan 22, 2019 @ 05:37PM pst

It's been so long....and so long.

I know.  So much has happened in the past two years.  A couple of deaths in the family - one of which was my mom - kinda side-tracked my for a while.  And that was about 2 years ago.Then, you know, life just happened and other things took priority.  Suddenly a couple years went by and I realized I hadn't really been here hardly at all.

But please know athat is no reflection upon anyone here.  I love you all a big bunch.  And some of you I still see from time to time - either on IG or some other social media - or even on the joyous but rare real life moments.

I can be found on Instagram, or Twitter, at "wychlea".  I occsasionally pop in on Facebook at Neil T. Weakley.  Less on FB than other places, though.

And yes, this is, for now, goodbye.  It's been a lovely time here at GodsGirls, and I am glad I have been a part of it for the past, what? 12 years? 13 years?  Wow.  

I've met some great people, and it bears repeating, still have some of you in my life.  And I think I'm better for it.  

Keep being the amazing humans that you are, keep expressing yourself in ways that make you stronger, make you feel more free, give you the kind of satisfaction you seek, and fulfill your creative spirits for as long as it is rewarding to you.  YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!

Endless love sans conditions.  Hope I'll you see around.

~ Neil OXOX

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