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Happy Fappy Friday! posted : 07/18/14 at 06:21am pst listening to:Nicki Minaj

 Here's to the girls on this site, all bold enough to show their goods  I'll be raising one hand to the sky and gripping my cock with the other and fapping it out to my faves today....this load's for you, GodsGirls!

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Hardcore rocks posted : 07/13/14 at 12:07pm pst listening to:Lana Del Rey

 I'm back on the site again after awhile away, and to put it simply, the hardcore aspect of this site is what I missed.  @Mary-Jane immediately reminded me of what I've loved about this site.  So many beautifully erotic women.....and then you add in some insertion now and unbeatable combo.  GodsGirls for the motherfucking win.

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Exxxotica NJ 2011 posted : 08/14/11 at 02:43pm pst

Anyone here ever gone to an Exxxotica convention?  I'm planning to purchase a VIP pass for this year's NJ event and am pretty fucking pumped about it...just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share or if anyone else is also planning to be there. 

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Bands continuing after death of lead singer posted : 08/14/11 at 01:17pm pst listening to:AC/DC

Alright's a topic to debate!  I've gotten into some heated discussions over this one:  Should a band continue after their lead singer dies?  My opinion is based entirely on the fact that I don't believe the other members of the band should be "punished" and feel that the whole band as an entity should die with that individual.

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Three cheers for VAGINA!! posted : 08/08/11 at 04:56pm pst

As a guy I just felt the need to state our collective appreciation for Gods Girls Vaginas....... you were!

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