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Come see me ;)

posted : May 13, 2018 @ 03:04PM pst

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Hi there!

posted : Mar 29, 2018 @ 06:57PM pst listening to : Silence

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about loriencosmix

Name loriencosmix
Age 28
Gender Cis Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Demisexual
Occupation Model
Location Syracuse, New York
Hometown Massena, New York
Sign Pisces
About Me Hi! Lorien, here. I'm a nude model currently, which I enjoy very much and I am hoping to make more art. I love my chihuahua, playing League of Legends, reading Tolkien, writing prose, posing nude, and going for walks at night.
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member I love the art that these lovely ladies create! I also hope to one day get on the same level they are.
Superhero Power Telekinesis
Sexual fantasy DD/lg with Daddy, which I already have
Weapon of Choice Sword, probably.
Hobbies Reading, writing, playing League of Legends
Music Pretty much anything (Kendrick, Halsey, Biggie, Rihanna, Eminem)
Movies Lord of the Rings, The Holiday
Books Lord of the Rings
TV Bobs Burgers, Regular Show, Magic School Bus, Scooby Doo
Food Tacos, Hamburgers, Poutine
Education College Drop-Out
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthday feb 25
Who I Idolize Tina Belcher
Goals To become a successful alt camgirl + nude model
Bedtime attire nude or the bare minimum
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Comics
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus
My Websiteloriencosmix.tumblr.com