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about lepidolite

Name lepidolite
Age 29
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Men
Occupation Nurse
Location Destin, Florida
Hometown Pennsylvania
Sign Gemini
About Me 29-year-old emo kid. Lover of animals and kindness. Nurse. Fangirl.
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member To look at beautiful photos of unique people and hopefully become a GG.
Superhero Power Healer
Sexual fantasy Passionate and romantic sex that turns into much more...
Weapon of Choice Katana. When I don't have that, I use sarcasm.
Hobbies Crafting, thrifting, photography
Music Rock, pop punk
Movies Too many!
Books Science Fiction, Romance, and Adventure.
TV HIMYM, GoT, Shameless
Art Too many!
Food Fajitas, Spaghetti, Lasagna
Education College
Ethnicity White
Birthday may 22
Who I Idolize People with the confidence to be themselves while helping others.
Goals Become a published model, change someone's life for the positive.
Bedtime attire Nuttin' honey.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Looking at ladies in cosplay and dreaming!
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus... because I want to soar.