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i totally forgot posted : 03/05/13 at 03:03am pst listening to:"Nightmare" -A7X

 i totally forgot how fun it is to learn how to play a new song on guitar. i havent done it in almost two years and i finally decided to learn a new song: "Nightmare" by A7X. i know i should be taking baby steps into more difficult songs. but thats boring. like what Tony Stark Said "sometime you need to learn how to run before you walk." its been 1 day, and all i need to do is learn and master the solo and lead parts. im having fun, but my fingers hurt atthe moment. like i said i havent played in almost 2 years. feels good to be back.

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03/05/13 11:09am pst

 Avenged Sevenfold is my total guilty pleasure band, haha.

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