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about itspatrickkay

Name itspatrickkay
Age 37
Gender male
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation demi
Occupation network engineer
Location northern parallell
Hometown detroit / B C
Sign Aquarius
About Me a juxtaposition of skynet and granola
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member because i wanted all of ashleys sets. x^)
Superhero Power subnet masking
Sexual fantasy play dungeons and dragons with gods girls
Weapon of Choice the pen
Hobbies games, graffiti, music
Music a wide range of obscure stuff
Movies documentary mostly
Books to many to list
TV tv is for suckers
Art scribe
Food anything vegetarian
Education i did a little bit of college
Ethnicity syrian american canadian
Birthday nov 30
Who I Idolize banksy
Goals be dead at 45
Bedtime attire flannel pants and tank top
Nerdy Secret Pleasure gods girls
Unicorn or Pegasus? pegasus
My Websitemeh