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about doubleds

Name doubleds
Age 27
Gender Both
Relationship Status active
Sexy Orientation he's straight she's bi
Occupation Chef/Nurse
Location Ontario
About Me We're a couple that's married and like to look at hot naked girls.
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member cause naked ladies are fucking awesome! Plus the girls on here look real
Superhero Power Sarcasm
Sexual fantasy ...... with sounding slutty we've kinda checked them all off the list
Weapon of Choice 1911, glock, m4 and ,mp5
Hobbies kicking ass, we don't have time to take names
Music is for listening
Movies are watching
Books are for reading
TV ...... if im not mistaken, I think it works like movies, but shorter
Food all of it!
Education hogwarts
Ethnicity couple of honkies
Birthday nov 30
Bedtime attire someone sexy preferably
Nerdy Secret Pleasure magic cards!
My Favorite GodsGirls We don't play favorurites