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Flexible Looks

posted : Jan 09, 2018 @ 06:34AM pst

Let us finger our hair! and only comb to get some substanse from our scalp?! To find, never be a friquer!? 


        Lotsa prowlers, I learned from the scary search, color scvheme is important, and to clean black smudges w/ strait oc mace. It is nearly Impossible to catch a house on fire, like cubes.

Casted a find your lover spell`, Love is to perfect scale. Cast a emergancy spell brake2 brake hold, found, no voodoo dolls in da house. I kast get even` 6x`s, and, it started, what you had done, that u no longer do, is like a boon awaiting you because, if it fits, the fit is then, perfect scale huh, but you can/should ajust!and the proof came in updown start stop, time goes left right, points are just well like I can make, so help me, a 6 a 7 and an 8 pointed star, I find 6 is law not evil, and 7 is harm and 8 is good, so good must have a learned harm, yano, like why kill god, terribllest thing right, Earth is smart, so we are silly, but he (sledge) loved the fit scale thing, and also were able to surmise we should do a much better job on our dates/times calender, theres actually a fedreil office opm office of personnel manajement, i think we covered that though, good looks = libido, or, mojo so sex hygened, so its like would be good, is all, my camera is broke but id showed the blonde G

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