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about Occasionalgirl

Name Occasionalgirl
Age 39
Gender Trans
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Heterosexual with a splash of bi curious
Location Spain
Hometown Canadian girl
Sign Scorpio
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member Finding friends and perhaps more that are as thrilled that they have found a sexy trans girl as I am to have been found
Superhero Power Cartwheels in 4 inch heels
Sexual fantasy To have one of more sexy women see me pretending to be a male occasionally and simply agree that they are going to take my future in their hands because they think me living as a full time sexy tgirl
Weapon of Choice Bisexual girl magnet
Hobbies Yoga, rock climbing, listening to vinyl
Music I love heavy drum and bass. I like good trance, but love me some Tool. I get weak with heavy metal girls though. Hale storm, yup!
Movies I used to like super hero movies, but they’ve gotten too common. Anything with a strong female character catches my attention
Books Fantasy, sci fi. Terry Goodkind, Ted Dekker
TV See description for movies. I did enjoy Breaking Bad. Though I don’t watch much TV
Art Kellie Ann Pye
Food Sushi
Education Masters of Science
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birthday nov 18
Who I Idolize Trans women that have been brave enough to make a full time life change
Goals Living at least my non working life as a open trans woman
Bedtime attire Love silky pjs with freshly smooth legs when I can
Nerdy Secret Pleasure I love listening to well done feminization hypnosis. The right ones make me go wild
Unicorn or Pegasus? Unicorn, better feminine energy