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Name LordOppai
Age 44
Gender Male
Relationship Status Divorced
Sexy Orientation Hetero
Occupation Cook
Location Silent Hill, CA
Hometown Sunnydale, CA
Sign Scorpio
About Me Just your average joe, full-time worker; part-time nerd. I like the "little things" in life.
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member I love "alt-girls"! To me, they are very unique and most of the ones that I have met are very friendly and share some of my nerdy obsessions/fandoms. Furthermore, I've been wanting to join this community for a LONG time and this latest offer is something that I just couldn't pass up!
Superhero Power Great conversation
Sexual fantasy Uhm....let's just say it involves a lady-cop and being "arrested" by her!
Weapon of Choice A Katana
Hobbies Videogames, Animé, Star Wars, Star Trek, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, collecting 1/6th scale figures (i.e. Hot Toys) & comicbooks
Music Mostly J-Pop & J-Rock (BABYMETAL, BAND-MAID, Mary's Blood, Aldious, Pikarin Shiina & DAOKO) but I listen to other genres
Movies Horror, SciFi, Drama, Comedies, Documentaries
Books Fantasy, horror, SciFi, Fiction
TV The Simpsons, Archer, Bob's Burgers, 2 Broke Girls, Doctor Who
Birthday nov 12
Bedtime attire Fall/Winter- flannel pajamas Spring/Summer- shorts or just briefs
Nerdy Secret Pleasure "My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic"
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus