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Parting Ways posted : 02/18/16 at 02:36pm pst listening to:Noname Gypsy

 Hey All-

  It has been a long time yet again.  I am writing you all for the last time though.  I am resigning my model status here.  I don't have the time to contribute like I used to.  My how life has changed.  It's cool though.  Ill catch you on the flipside....follow me on Instagram @mandydarlingdear

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Life, Suff and more life posted : 09/15/15 at 11:36am pst listening to:Polyamory: Married & Dating

 So it has been a couple of months yet again.  I'm not going to apologize, we all know that life gets crazy.  Busy is my name.  School, work, mom, wife.  I do it all.  I am changing jobs.  Sticking with my teacher career, just another environment.  I will make more money and get a break and it will be a paid break!  I make minimum wage

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So Much Life, So Little Time posted : 06/23/15 at 12:44pm pst listening to:Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

 So its been forever.  I've been busy for months with no end in sight.  I've been working fulltime at the preschool, doing online schooling and doing that mom and wife thing.  I'm supposed to start classes at the community college in August on top of all of the above.  To be honest I'm fucking scared for it all.  Im already a month behind in

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Sick Day and More posted : 04/21/15 at 01:10pm pst listening to:Kendrick Lamar

 Hello!  How are you?  Hopefully all is well.  So I am home from work today.  I threw up this morning.  I feel better now.  Strange huh? It happens to me sometimes.  


I am so excited to announce that I have at least two exciting sets planned to shoot.  Hopefully we will get them shot this week but it may not be until next week.  We are

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Life. So much life. posted : 04/06/15 at 01:43pm pst listening to:random playlist of hoop dance music

 Hello GG World.  I hope this blog finds you all well.  I have been so busy.  Like everyday.  Did I tell you that I got a new job?  Well if I did sorry, if I didnt well now you know.  It's in  a preschool.  I really like it.  I've also started taking smaller early childhood development classes getting ready to work my way  up to a

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