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Those Winter Blues

posted : Dec 10, 2017 @ 01:24PM pst listening to : people hacking up lungs

the first snowfall in MA was last night, and I was curled up with a book and a phone. my phone blew up with texts informing me of what would later blow up in my face. and I gotta say...

...why do relationships that involve sex have to be so goddamn complicated? And why do I keep engaging in them?! 

lemme just ignore these red flags and listen to how much I'm being clingy and demanding, be guilt tripped and listen to how much I need a "real job" and that I have no reason to "play the victim" prior to hurtful comments. K. 

So, that's over. I should have seen it coming. I did, in fact, but I kind of let it go, being so blinded by lust not to see the abuse. oh well, I got out at a good time. "Hi, I'd like to unsubscribe from this bullshit? Thanks." 

But on to better things. 

Wedding pictures from my bff's perfect day in August


I cried a fair few tears. So did she. 

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