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Halloween-y Horror Calendar and Trivia

posted : Sep 27, 2017 @ 06:42PM pst

my bff took me to dinner tonight at this Portuguese/Brazilian restaurant, with overflowing glasses of wine, scrumptious desserts, meat on skewers, and first time bar trivia. we did three rounds; we were there for like, three hours, tasting wine, enjoying the bread and meat+cheese plate, trying to enjoy dinner while coming up with answers for trivia. i also flirted with the waitress; she told me she was married, but did give us two answers to trivia in the second round. 

i'm fucking pissed about the obvious and glaring answers i missed. first round: Hilton, second round: Mila Kunis, third round: Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang. fuck. 


october is almost here, and i've completed my October horror/halloween madness calendar, but i ended up choosing more than 31 movies. fuck it. 


enlarge to see text 

i'm stoked for October, especially since my classes don't start until the 23rd, or so. 

now to come up with a halloween costume for nothing. 


been practicing some shibari, for good kink practice and prep for The Geeky Kink Event in November. i'm pretty excited about this event. i'm now on staff, so i get staff perks (although, i've had staff perks forever), and i'm starting to get more socially involved. there may be hot makeouts in my future, and a nice pegging-for-porn session. 

but first, this weekend is poly+420 fun, and exhibitionism. then Salem haunts in October. then a huge eats/birthday bash for my bff, a concert in Boston, for Mystery Skulls, GKE classic, and instead of cookies or cupcakes for the holiday season, i'm bravely attacking donuts. stay tuned. 



cupcakes from last year's 10 hour annual baking day

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Ohhhh man, your calendar has made me want to do a load of horror movies as well. But here I am, downloading Parent Trap :/ fake goth tbh

posted Oct 08, 2017 @ 10:53AM pst

But wait, is it the Linsey Lohan version or the Hayley Mills version?

posted Oct 08, 2017 @ 01:57PM pst

Lohan, haha! @chrisnutt said he'd never seen it and I was shocked so we fixed it

posted Oct 08, 2017 @ 11:29PM pst

What other movies can you introduce to @chrisnutt

posted Oct 09, 2017 @ 06:21PM pst

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