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Going Minimalist

posted : May 14, 2017 @ 05:48PM pst

With my current physical and mental health, I feel the need to start living a minimalist life. 

Steps to be completed: 

1. Delete Facebook profile (and any other profile I find distracting, hurtful, and useless for my brain) *completed 

2. Start trimming my wardrobe to the essentials, aka stuff I know I'll always wear. When looking up advice for how to start living a minimalist lifestyle, I found this cool link It has this advice to live three months with 33 three essential items for your wardrobe. I really do want to try this, considering there is so much in my closet I never wear. 

Speaking of, I need to get rid of shoes...I have way too many. One of the recommendations that this site talks about is that it's better to have good quality brands than knockoffs. My current favorites (there are quite a few): 

Vegan Dr. Martens booties 

BED/STU leather booties 

Custom Converses 

Bobs (comfy slipper-like shoes with memory foam)

Disney Villian Vans 

knock off Berkenstocks (can't really afford real ones)

LL Bean winter boots

Walmart Rainboots 

Madden Girl maroon heals 

Rocketdog wedges 

Guess gold hightop sneakers

Berkenstock Disney maryjanes 

I have one more pair of Dr. Marten shoes on the way

My other shoes include: beatup Teva's, vintage 90s loafers (honestly, they don't particularly fit), and just some plain black flats. Thoughts as to what I should def. keep. 

3. Books, CDs, DVDs, video games purge. I am going to rid myself of things that are duplicates (at least in my family/house), things I haven't used in a year, things that are easily streamed, and things I am simply over). 

4. Throw away clothes, sheets, and anything else that is damaged 

5. Minimize collectibles 

6. Fill up bags I'll never use with donations 

7. Create a weekly menu/budget 

8. Save $1000 every 52 days 

9. Buy a new laptop with refund check, clean up my hardrive, transfer everything to new laptop 

10. Decrease amount spent on cell phone data/usage 

11. Sell bass guitar/amp 

12. Commit 

Any suggestions, please feel free to oblige. 

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i hope this goes well for you, I went through a huge declutter and mental/phycial cleanse a few months ago. i'm all about living light and minimal. In terms of stuff I got rid of so many unnecessary things and now I just have things that i use all the time or that i love and make me happy.  a tip: I'd say that a scanner is your best friend when it comes to papers that you might not physically need but you kind of have to keep and go paperless with bills etc-but take some time to set up a good system for online storage so you can find documents easily. same goes for photos.

also check out Leo Babauta from Zenhabits or that are very popular at the moment, they have a podcast that can be quite helpful if you want to listen to that mindset (the first episodes are pretty good, the newer ones kind of repeat themselves a bit and are more of a self-promotion but still) also they often recommend a bunch of other "minimalists" that life very different lifestyles from extreme to not so much.

if you want to chat about it i'm always happy to talk or recommend stuff, and good luck!:)

posted May 15, 2017 @ 04:46AM pst

i loooove doc martens boots. theyre all i wear, and they last years and years. 

i did a huge clearout earlier this year, got rid of about 15 big black bags of stuff. it feels real good to cut down to more essential things. 

posted May 15, 2017 @ 04:52PM pst

@Blath, it always feels great to clear out stuff. But, I do have a bit of an online shopping problem, so I always end up with more stuff. actually, it's not just online...I think it's part of my bipolar disorder; lack of self-control. but i dumped a bunch of stuff in my trunk, and had my friends loot through it. i always love giving away my stuff. it's like, your trash is someone else's treasure. 

and yeah, doc martens are the bomb. i can't wait to get my new pair. 

@Liesl, thanks for all this advice. i will definitely check out that podcast. 

I do have a question: in terms of reading; would you recommend i invest in a kindle or some equivalent? i love the feel of flipping through physical books, always have; but i know it'll be more minimal to have a device that i can keep all my books on, and i'm wondering if it's cheaper to buy books that way. 

posted May 16, 2017 @ 07:01AM pst

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