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Mah pride mah joy

posted : May 01, 2016 @ 05:21PM pst listening to : The Sweeter the Berry


Universal chaos

posted : Apr 25, 2016 @ 06:56PM pst listening to : Initiation At the Drive In

 You've heard about the black holes:

Things, energy emissions,

Are coming out of them.


Of black holeS.

It's all just a big bouncy ball pit.

Swim, bounce, fall, laugh, dive,

Thrive in the frantic movement.

Explode when you end,

Leaving trails of beauty everywhere you were.


In this moment in the flow

posted : Apr 24, 2016 @ 10:56AM pst

It is only when we lose our fear

That we truly live

When we let go

Let the future and past rush into the one now

And wear our will before us like a shining sword bright

Grasping hilt with fierce belief that all is as is

And all is as is

Is all that all is

We are one and all at once


about ChaosEngineer

Name ChaosEngineer
Age 43
Gender somewhere in there
Relationship Status Married
Sexy Orientation depending on the moment, i have been so far in so many areas of the spectrum
Occupation Chaos Engineer
Location Deep in the Heart
Hometown Far away on the deep blue seas
Sign Virgo
About Me Technically, a dude.
A friend to any animal, even if it intends to kill me.
Protector of the innocent and helpless.
The Big Bad Wolf with a kind heart and a sweet smile.
Why Im a GodsGirl's Member I am fascinated by the art of nude figure photography, tend to prefer alt models and love smoking on some fine red hairs, be them on sweet beautiful budz or in other such delicious and delicate locations.
Superhero Power Making the whole world laugh together at once
Sexual fantasy All of them
Weapon of Choice Mind
Hobbies Sci Fi, Horror, Fiction, Film, Music, Art, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Nudism, Smoking sweet budz
Music a lot but here goes a current brainspew: Cash (there is only one), Kendrick Lamar, Bullet for My Valentine, Slayer, Misfits, Danny Brown, Ice MuthaFuckin Cube, At the Drive In, Mars Volta, High on Fire, Kylesa, Mastodon, Ke$ha, Mr Worldwide, A Tribe Calle
Movies again, spew: The Conjuring, Mad Max and Fury Road (somewhat The Road Warrior), Event Horizon, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, Ravenous
Books Maribu Stork Nightmares, The Birthday Boys, The Metamorphosis, Crime and Punishment, The Dead Zone, Lullaby, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Junkie, Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, Speaker for the Dead, The Tales of Alvin Maker, Pastwatch
TV Firefly, Wonderfalls, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kroll Show, Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser
Art Kandinsky, Calder, Thomas Hart Benton, Michael Sieben
Food vegetables, legumes and whole grains prepared perfectly in various cuisines
Education BA in BS and some grad school
Ethnicity mixblood american primarily caucasion weirdo immigrants and some insane natives
Birthday sep 14
Who I Idolize Siddhārtha Gautama
Goals achieving a nirvana like state of perfect balance with the movements of the chaos engine that is the universe
Bedtime attire sometimes boxers sometimes buff
Nerdy Secret Pleasure all of my pleasures are nerdy, none of them are secret
Unicorn or Pegasus? griffin