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Fuck everybody and everything.

posted : Feb 11, 2018 @ 02:32PM pst

Have to get this off my chest.

Fuck everyone.

A friend of mine died recently and since then, I noticed I'm becoming more sensitive to interactions between people. And for the past a couple of weeks, I've seen people fight, insult each other, and become mean over the pettiest shit. This really pisses me off. We have this life given to us to cherish and use to the best of our abilities and what do we do with it? We waste it on bullshit. We waste it on the flightiest of situations just to feed into our egos.

Sometimes when I see this happen, I want to punch these people in fucking throat or hit them with a baseball just so they know what real trauma feels like, not the petty shit they tricked themselves into thinking is important. As I'm doing this, I want scream that a friend just fucking died and you're mad about this!?!?! Though I know they'll have no idea what I'm talking about but it doesn't matter, they need to know how I feel at this moment.

I'm really pissed right now. And I just realized this post will ultimately do nothing.

Again, fuck everyone.

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I'm sorry about your friend. 

You're entirely correct, but also life is lived in the minutiae. Paradox of existence. 

I wish I had some comforting words for your grief, but there's nothing really I can say, other than you have the capacity to take what you're feeling - the way you're seeing the world now - and allow it to change your life for the better and honour the memory of your friend. <3 

posted Feb 13, 2018 @ 03:31AM pst

Thank you for the kind words. 

I'm a little better, albeit a bit raw and still in stabby mode. Guessing that was my anxiety/depression. But, again, thank you. 

posted Feb 13, 2018 @ 06:06AM pst

I feel you. People are so petty and nasty to each other all because of ego. Some people will never understand how another person feels because of their stupid ego. 

I hope youre feeling okay today.

posted Feb 20, 2018 @ 10:54AM pst

I'm sorry for your loss :(

You never really realize how petty people are until you're in a situation like this, it sucks that it takes things like the loss of a friend to realize how short life is

posted Mar 07, 2018 @ 02:40AM pst

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