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posted : Jun 03, 2018 @ 12:15PM pst

This will be short and sweet, as I'm hungover and groggy. I went to a fosta/sesta protest yesterday to show support. I know a few SWs who are really scared and pissed that fosta/sesta passed. It's complete bullshit the state has made it harder for SWs to do their jobs. Yes, trafficking is a big deal and should be stopped, but...

Fuck everybody and everything.

posted : Feb 11, 2018 @ 02:32PM pst

Have to get this off my chest.

Fuck everyone.

A friend of mine died recently and since then, I noticed I'm becoming more sensitive to interactions between people. And for the past a couple of weeks, I've seen people fight, insult each other, and become mean over the pettiest shit. This really pisses me off. We...

I'm back! And it's my birthday!

posted : Dec 08, 2017 @ 06:15PM pst

Ok ya fucks! What's up?

I was gonna spill out all the sexy-not really-details of my time after leaving this site BUT I gotta it's my birthday, and there's a birthday shot with my name on it. I'll make a more complete post when I got more time and more sober.

Take it EZ


I'm alive (kinda!)

posted : Feb 14, 2016 @ 06:54PM pst

Well this is going to be a short lil diddy right here.  As I'm typing this while the bi-polar Chicago weather is currently snowing down with, supposedly, 50-degree temperatures coming during the coming week.

I haven't been on here for a while, as you can see.  It's just...well...I've been busy.  I know, I know, that's a fucking...

Various Blah Blahs And Things

posted : Sep 19, 2015 @ 02:21PM pst

The following journal/post will have absolutely no fucking point. 


This will the...

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