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Finally some Hawaii pictures!!!! posted : 08/26/08 at 12:08am pst listening to:The Ting Tings
So I have a ton of pictures from my trip to Hawaii but I know Alice wants some from the Nudey beach so I'ma post those first:)~

Haahaaa this one is ridiculous!

And from nudey beach day two:

I love that parasol!

I have over 300 pics from the trip but I'll post some of my other favorites here too! The others are on my myspace:) read full entry >
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Back from Hawaii and in love with life! posted : 08/02/08 at 02:31am pst listening to:Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"
I am back from Hawaii and in love with life! I have sooo many stories to tell and a ton of pics! I'm still jetlagged though and totally exhausted so I apologize for not gettin back to everyone right away! I was so happy to see when I came home that I have a new set up! Eeep! I loves you guys and the comments! I didn't have internet the whole week ... read full entry >
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Vacation in Hawaii! posted : 07/21/08 at 11:43pm pst listening to:Potbelleez
I am sooo excited I can't sit still! I'm leaving tomorrow to go to Hawaii!!!!!!!! I'll be there for a week with one of my best friends Jamie!!!!! I can't wait! I won't be online much if at all for the trip so I will miss all you hot ladies and your nakedness and the members too!!!! But I'll have plenty to catch up on when I get back and also a ... read full entry >
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4th of July and I'm sick:( posted : 07/04/08 at 01:39pm pst listening to:my head
I'm sick and it's the 4th of July! I even have the day off for all the fun and I got sick:( It feels like a ball of knives in my throat right now! I'm just chillin at home today drinking lots of fluids and eating soup. The best thing to do is to take car of myself as much as I wanna be out with my girlfriends! But to look at it in a positive ... read full entry >
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Pretty stoked! posted : 06/24/08 at 06:30am pst listening to:Tori Amos
It's a great day already! I had a set go live today and I am sooo excited! I haven't had any new sets in a long time! Filters make my hair red but I swear it's still PINK:)~ Yay for being a Godsgirl!!!
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