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ALL THIS STUFF. STUFF STUFF STUFF posted : 10/04/14 at 07:21pm pst listening to:FKA Twigs

 WHOA HI! It’s been a bit, sorry about that! Since I last update I have moved a few times (moving sucks). I totally got robbed and that was a bummer! I lost my Mac, my laptop & my PS4. Luckily I got renters insurance beforehand so I was able to replace my Mac and pay bills while I wasn’t able to work for a few weeks! I feel bad

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I'm a puddle. posted : 12/03/13 at 02:20pm pst listening to:DRAKE

Hello Naked Ladies & Naked Lady Lovers 

Let’s just go ahead & start this journal with a booty pic!

I gave out a bunch of memberships a week or so ago so if you're someone who got one HI, WELCOME GO LOOK AT ALL THE SETS! 

I did hair/makeup on these beautiful ladies!

(I like big butts and I cannot lie! No really, I do a bunch!)
I had a good

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Up In The Woods posted : 11/15/13 at 05:54pm pst listening to:DRAKE


Hey naked ladies and naked lady lovers!
It's been a little while so maybe some of you don't know me but HI ANYWAYS! I hate starting off my journals in the same way every time but whateveritsneededihaventupdatedinawhileandlifeistoofuckingcrazy. Things are kind of settling down. I don't really wanna get into it 'cause I don't wanna bore y'all.

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SUMMER! posted : 08/07/13 at 04:30pm pst listening to:Daft Punk

Hey naked ladies and naked lady lovers! Long time no see (again).
I have been SO SO SO SO busy!

First of all, we're in the process of finishing up The Kill Collective's tumblr/website whatever, and that includes finishing a bunch of physical (zines and shirts and prints and stuff)!

My site with DNA solos just soft launched! So expect to see more from

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BUNNY MILK posted : 06/03/13 at 10:24pm pst listening to:Billy The Fridge


I suck. Time goes by too fast. UH, STUPID
I finished my sugar detox and it was awesome and I'm gonna do it again! Here's celebratory lobster!

A few months ago I did this shoot where I stuffed myself with my favorite thing. BIG MACS. Tajia Lund took this. She's cool. I wanted to put the set on Zivity for a some

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