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No Title posted : 03/30/13 at 03:42pm pst

 these crackers are making me thirsty.


bye godsgirls

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y'all, i'm just going to say.. posted : 03/04/13 at 01:00am pst

 that I love @nicnac so much. I can't wait until he's home. We are going to spam y'all with so many sappy gross [cute] pictures of us together.

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bukkake brings you closer to god posted : 02/19/13 at 08:44pm pst

 Did you guys see that I was archived for like a WEEK HAHA I could never leave GodsGirls fo REAL. You guys know that. I think. Shoutout to the ladies I've been bonding so much with these days like @minnie and @mika <3333333333

I guess I should take some pictures for you guys. That's next on my extensive internet to-do list.

I'm now camming on MFC because my new job that was originally going to dramatically rip me away from GodsGirls isn't giving me hours and as of right now I don't have my rent for the month, oh fuck. Sooooo if you want to get spoiled rotten with videos/pics offline tip me at

my boyfriend joined godsgirls btw. Everyone go say hi to Nate @nicnac and welcome him and stuff :))) 

I've really been craving whisky lately can someone just give me a cosign that it isn't TOTALLY AWFUL TO HAVE A WHISKY AND WATER. JK just don't do that. I'll get through it. Been stressed as fuck for so many reasons and now I just really want it all to stoppppppppppp :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Today I helped my tattoo artist and her husband paint their house per our agreement for my SWEET FREE TATTOOS. They let me hit that bong and I actually have been feeling great ever since, I just need money to afford feeling good. 

I'm all over the place. I don't know. Hey my boyfriend is on here now. Hey I am camming again. 

Hey my friends are cool and I wish they lived here so I could do something besides sit in my apartment! I feel like having real life friends would solve all my problems. Lately I feel like a moron. I AM ONLY GOOD AT TAKING MY CLOTHES OFF. And sobriety. 


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Today I got laid off. posted : 01/15/13 at 08:17pm pst

 I got laid off today. I cried in my manager's office. She said she would talk to HR but as of right now my last day is Saturday. I'm so heartbroken because I feel like I've really become dedicated and come to love my job at Cabela's. I am a kickass cashier who really does well at everything but she said my attendance is grounds for me to not be

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some cute prose love shit posted : 01/06/13 at 09:53pm pst

 To say you weren’t ever inspiring would be a dangerous lie. It’s more that I struggled to find consonants that paired with vowels well enough to describe it. Us. You. Infinite days into weeks into irrelevant time frames. Sometimes we find those the best frames for our loves but it doesn’t suit you and me. And you fell into my

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