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Merry Christmas! posted : 12/24/11 at 05:53am pst

Hey everyone

It's christmas eve and I'm just uploading my december sets to the ftp server so I thought while that is loading I'll stop by and wish everybody a merry christmas! What are you all doing for it?
I'm just spending it with my partner and his family then seeing my mum and step dad in the evening. Also seeing my crazy but amazing best friend

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Long time no speak posted : 12/04/11 at 02:35pm pst

Hey guys and girls,

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted, I'm rubbish.

I've been mega busy, I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of months ago and thats going great :) I started doing a HND in business and so far I'm really enjoying it and the assignments are going alright, even if they are pretty hard. Also I signed to spirit models agency

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short update of my life :) posted : 03/04/11 at 02:24pm pst listening to:silence


Just thought i'd do  short blog to update you guys and girls to the happenings of my life.

It's been totally hectic over here some very personal things that i wont go into right now, but also some awesome things too :)

So i've finally sent in my first DIY, wow that was soo much hard work, i had scanner issues, internet issues, camera issues, i

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NOT AGAIN!! :( posted : 01/19/11 at 10:07am pst listening to:pop punk

Hey everybody.

Sorry ive not been online for a while but i've been having really bad relationship problems! :( I'm currently moving out of my boyfriends flat back into my mum's house. surprisingly i'm actually quite happy about it :) but it means i've not had a chance to do my DIY's yet :( BOO! but i'm hoping to be settled by the end of the weekend

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Happy New Fucking Year =] posted : 01/01/11 at 10:22am pst listening to:Dubstep

Hey all.

Welcome to 2011 :)

I think this is a great time to post a new blog about all the things i aim to do this year, it'll be great to look back on at the end of the year and see how badly i didn't do these things lol. So here goes:

1) Loose weight and tone up - I've gained abit recently and i hate it! plus modelling is more important to me than

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Name Jayne Age 19 Gender Female Relationship Status In a Relationship Sexy Orientation Bi Occupation Model Location UK Hometown Basingstoke Sign Leo About Me Hi, Im a full time professional model I do work ranging from lingerie to heavy bondage and suspension work. I love being naked!! Im a proper alternative rock chick, metal is my favourite type of music along with industrial, but i secretly love abit of classical piano :) Im into a lot of weird things and im probably a cross between a goth, a punk and a barbie I have 12 tattoos currently and 10 piercings contantly getting more because I Love art, expressionism and I think they are dead hot! Im an easy going person who loves a laugh. Im loud, dirty and outgoing. I make a lot of things and paint because I love being creative. I'm also big into photography and have 3 A levels in photography, graphics and ancient history. I'm now doing a HND in business. After I finish my course I'm going to become a traveller, my partner and I are currently saving for a modified van to live in... I can't wait! :) Why Im a GodsGirl I'm a GodsGirl because...I Love being naked!! and talking to new people :) Superhero Power Flight Sexual fantasy mass orgy with all girls and plenty of toys ;) Weapon of Choice throwing star Hobbies Photography, painting, jewellery making. Music METAL!!! Movies Labyrinth is my all time favourite film Books Vampire romance novels, anything by virginia andrews, tattoo books, art books, cook books. TV Friends, one tree hill, family guy, american dad, true blood. Art I love a lot of artists! :) to name a few: sylvia ji, gerard richter, jean michel basquiat... Food Cookies and muffins Education 3 A levels Ethnicity White British Birthday aug 10 Who I Idolize I don't really idolize people. Goals To always be happy and have lots of sex heehee Bedtime attire Big t-shirt Nerdy Secret Pleasure PC games My Favorite GodsGirls Skin and Roxy Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus all the way :) if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? kick him in the nuts My Website