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argh posted : 02/26/09 at 05:12pm pst listening to:Jenny lewis
I hate this. So many set ideas and I can't do anything with them because my computer is mortally wounded.
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not dead yet posted : 10/21/08 at 03:30pm pst
I'm not dead!!! I just moved into an amazing apartment in downtown salt lake. I don't have internet, so I'm raking up my phone bill updating on my BlackBerry. Miss you all!
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$$$ posted : 07/16/08 at 06:17pm pst

I just checked with my college to see if I was awarded any scholarships, grants, etc. and I was awarded a total of $9,500.00!



There are no words to describe this




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D.I.Y posted : 07/13/08 at 09:02pm pst


I plan on finaly getting off my ass and doing a set (or two) hopefully more....


I just have to wait until I get my check so I can go buy a few supplies.



I'm excited. I havent really done any shooting for about 2 years now.

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It's how we roll.... posted : 07/08/08 at 06:34pm pst listening to:New Wolf Parade!

Last year Bri and I went to Lagoon (Local theme park) and decided to go to the Pioneer Photo Gallery and get our pictures taken as outlaws, this year, we went High Class...



Damn were smooth

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