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Lalaland awaits... posted : 04/09/07 at 12:44pm pst listening to:Marcus
I quit drinking a few weeks ago.
I went from casual veggie to full on veggie to full on Vegan.
I love my friends.
I can't wait to get to LA.
My Favorite set ever is up on Swindle's page. Hottest girl on girl set.I lalalalalalalalalalaw it.
Go now. Fall in love with it. Comment it. Jerk off- whatever it is you guys do.
In love?
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morning sunshine posted : 03/09/07 at 06:33am pst
Pwuhhaaha funny last few sequence of events. Too random too sporadic to care. Being celibate has been the best thing to happen to me since Einstein figured e=mc 2. So many dirtbags EVERYWHERE. I want to really care about someone again. I want that unconditional love. I miss my friends. I hate the cold. I love whiskey. Picture this: a 60 year old ... read full entry >
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greatness posted : 02/21/07 at 01:59pm pst listening to:remix

Thank you all for the wonderful comments sooooo sweet.

There's a huge smile on my face (no pun intended) I'm totally flattered.



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I fought the war! posted : 01/31/07 at 11:54am pst listening to:Metric
Done done and done! No more pitty parties. No more hating him and feeling like a horrible person for doing so. I was at war with myself and my true feelings. That's why I've been so celibate I can't be around boys in this caotic state. I came to realize that it was water under the bridge or at least it should be. I would go back and do things ... read full entry >
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Brooklyn posted : 01/09/07 at 02:27am pst listening to:Radiohead
So my first night in Brooklyn was extremely welcoming. I ended up at now one of my favorite bars. I danced my life away with my friend's Dix and Jenone. Before we knew it the free drinks started rowling in, the attention span broadened, and the boys we're on the prowl. I immidietly became life partners with the bartenders and pretty much everyone ... read full entry >
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