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posted : Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:28PM pst

So i had to have a talk recently with my boo about polyamory and my kind of feelings of lack in that area since i decided to be in a monogamous relationship with him and it went very well!  I was so nervous about it at first and i am lucky to say that i am with an amazing human who loves me and is willing to work with me on the things that i find important. i feel kind of bad, and it isnt like i am not there for them in the same way, it just is a different thing that he doesnt really understand and i just wanted everyone to know, or i guess brag about it hahaha.

anyone else been in this sort of a situation with a partner?

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Did you talk with your partner in a monogamous relationship about feeling more comfortable being poly or the other way round?(soz i am derp) After about...almost a couple years with my current partner, we started as very casual, and over that 2 years agreed to some form of monogamy,even if we never intended to be together forever or anything like that (we both have alot of issues with emotional capacity)we broke up for a few weeks, My partner was really struggling with feelings for another girl, and thought that meant it wouldnt be fair to me to continue any kind of romantic relationship with me, but it was very fleeting with this other girl and we eventually figured thing out over the following months deciding that being in eachothers lives in whatever capacity was most important bottom line, after being more involved with the Kink comunity and meeting many other kinky and poly people we both learnt that there was this whole other option that was completely valid, and so many other people were just like us, that we could care for eachother and have the capacity to care for others simultanously. We're coming up to almost a year since deciding to be Poly, and it has 1000% clearly been the best thing for both of us respectively, and we both have much less problems with being 'emotionally stunted', clearly we both just go about emotional connections in a slightly different way than others. 

posted Apr 04, 2017 @ 06:21AM pst

We actually have talked about it. In his eyes, being poly is just not a thing he really can wrap his head around. Another thing with me is I am not really very into sexual things. or not that im not into them, more so that i just kind of dont care one way or another so my being poly is very confusing for him, as a monogamous person to wrap his head around. Wait.... so it isnt about sex????? is pretty much what i got. which is totally fine. i basically had a conversation about how i am just a little in love with everyone i am consistently around, and how for me, it is important to show the kind of love through physical acts, such as kissing, holding hands, making out. and thats where we decided to stop it, which is perfect for me, because i can get so much feeling from kissing and making out and i feel like sex is just kind of there. it is an interesting compromise and i am hoping that he continues to feel that way about it!

posted Apr 06, 2017 @ 11:08PM pst

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