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hello summer.

posted : May 27, 2011 @ 12:44AM pst listening to : elvis

i'm officially a college graduate.

lovely day.

posted : Apr 09, 2011 @ 04:16PM pst listening to : louis ck

Wow. So time's been flying by. I am only a few weeks away from graduating and things are startin to speed up. I got all my prints finished, and very close to being done. Works been going great too. My senior show at the navy yard actually got cancelled, and that's one of the reasons I was upset in my last post. It was just a stressful...


posted : Apr 02, 2011 @ 01:59PM pst listening to : yelawolf

This week has been so strange in the worst way. I'll give more details once I digest everything...

i chipped my tooth.

posted : Mar 25, 2011 @ 02:15PM pst listening to : Frank Sinatra

Yup. Chipped my tooth last night. Not terribly, its unnoticeable but i can feel it. Worst part is I don't even know if it was during the QOSTA show, which was GREAT. It actually wasn't Rated R they were playing all the way through it was the first, self-titled album, which I'm also a big fan of. Then they came back and played a bunch...

No Title

posted : Mar 24, 2011 @ 11:04AM pst

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