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posted : Mar 06, 2018 @ 09:04PM pst


I shot a new set that I am super happy with and I can't wait for you all to see it

Here is a preview :)



posted : Feb 16, 2018 @ 04:08AM pst

Hello lovely friends,

It's been about 3 months since I've been super busy but I just wanted to pop in and say hi!

I'm working on getting a new set shot for you all, but giiiiirl, I've been busy

I finally picked up my camera last week and took some photos of my beautiful friend...

Things are happening.

posted : Nov 14, 2017 @ 09:19PM pst

Hey lovelies,

Sorry for being super quiet, I've spent a lot of time at different hospitals for different things

I finally have an answer for my eating disorder and am getting help for it.

I have a new job that I start on Saturday and I am stoked!

I have a new tripod so a new...

Preparing for my GG anniversary!

posted : Oct 26, 2017 @ 07:24AM pst

This weekend marks THREE years of being a GodsGirl, I was away for a little bit there but now I am back!

I'll hopefully be doing a cute little anniversary shoot tomorrow, I have the perfect outfit and I can't wait for you all to see!


posted : Oct 02, 2017 @ 10:04PM pst

Yay my new set is out!

Go check it out.

It's my first in a loooong time

about Soren

Name Soren
Age 22
Gender female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Photographer
Location Brisbane, Australia!
Hometown Gold Coast, Australia
Sign Sagittarius
About Me I'm Soren!
I'm a 20 year old Danish girl who was raised in Australia.
I have a Bachelor of Sciences.
I have like a million animals, (3 great danes, 2 cats, some kittens, 2 cockatoos).
I love Blink-182, Star Wars black and white photography and stripper heels.
I eat pancakes at least 4 times a week.
I'm allergic to roses.
And I am awkward when it comes to knowing what to say when people ask me about myself.
Why Im a GodsGirl I'm a GodsGirl because I love the amazing community, acceptance and beautiful girls.
I feel like i'm gonna fit in reaaaaally well here.

Also, I love being naked and taking selfies.
Superhero Power I can lick my nose.
Sexual fantasy Princess Leia in the slave outfit.
Weapon of Choice My words, or a lightsaber.
Hobbies Eating things I shouldn't, taking photos of bands and hanging off stripper poles.
Music Pop-punk, hardcore, metalcore, pretty much anything with core at the end.
Movies Star wars, Harry Potter, anything Johnny Depp/Tim Burton.
Books Peter Pan, In the minds of serial killers, anything serial killery.
TV Booooones!
Art My tattoo artists Miss Breeze and Lincoln Melligan are my favourite artists.
Food Pancakes pancakes, eat em with a fork.
Education I have an expensive and very useless degree.
Ethnicity I glow in the dark
Birthday dec 06
Who I Idolize Ella Hooper, biggest Aussie rock legend ever.
Goals Take more photos of Ella Hooper, own at least 6 great danes and have unlimited pancakes
Bedtime attire The exes t-shirt
Nerdy Secret Pleasure I like to play with lightsabers and dress up like superheros and pokemon.
Unicorn or Pegasus? Always pegasus, can fly that majestic beast into the sunset.
My Websitesorenpanphotographics.tumblr.com