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Back from the dead...

posted : May 13, 2010 @ 07:42AM pst

Sooooo I've been insanely busy living life, shooting my first cover for Bizarre magazine, shooting my first porno, moving to London, getting a puppy, getting signed to a model agency (not in that order)

How are you guys?


posted : Aug 07, 2009 @ 07:11AM pst

Well I'm pretty glad I came back to Scotland even though I could have easily stayed in the States.. I got some pretty big news today so I'm feeling on top of the fuckin' world right now. But you will find out more about that in due time ^_~

are a couple more pictures from the LA trip..
These were taken by the amazing

America... Fuck yeah.

posted : Aug 03, 2009 @ 07:17PM pst

So I should probably post about the rest of my trip in LA..

It was beyond amazing! San Fransisco was definitely a highlight ^_~
Alyssa (Blacklickorish), Billy (Antiseptic Fashion),

I'm in LA!!

posted : Jul 13, 2009 @ 03:27PM pst listening to : Machine Gun - Portishead

I'm in LA!

So far I've been taking it easy.. seeing people I haven't seen in years, hanging out with Alyssa (Blacklickorish).
We found a kitten! We named her Tenderoni and each day I want to keep her a little more... Maybe an excuse to move to LA? She's too cute, and tiny!

Long over due update!

posted : Jun 28, 2009 @ 04:41PM pst

Well it's only 1 more week 'till I'm in LA again!
And so far I have some pretty awesome shoots in the works, I'm so excited!

Also I'm going to be modeling for Blacklickorish at the Marquis Fetish Ball in...

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Name Skin
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Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Bi
Occupation Model / Dancer / Adventurer
Location London, UK
Hometown Bonny Scotland
Sign Aquarius
About Me I'm very down to earth..
Very silly..
Love boobs.
And latex.
And stuff.
Why Im a GodsGirl It was something I had never done before.
Superhero Power Mermaid.... I lure men at sea to their doom.
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Weapon of Choice I have razor sharp scales on my mermaid tail.
Hobbies MUSIC.. modeling.. reading.. adventures.. chillin' with friends.. long walks.. attempting to teach myself new things.. tattoos.. cooking & baking.. traveling.. meeting new people..
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Birthday feb 18
Who I Idolize Myself.
Goals To die happy.
Bedtime attire It depends on the reason I went to bed.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Watching porn all day inmy underwear drinking wine and eating cheese. Is that nerdy? I don't care.
Unicorn or Pegasus? MERMAIDS!!
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