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Very sexy, now I feel like eating noodles and I have none.. lol. Great Set.

posted Oct 19, 2010 @ 04:00AM pst



posted Oct 18, 2010 @ 10:50PM pst

kleenkreativ Wow, super hot!
Who knew noodles could be so sexy? ;)

posted Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:37AM pst


this is amazing! wonderful photos!

posted Oct 18, 2010 @ 09:12AM pst


Boob-o-rama! ;}

posted Oct 18, 2010 @ 03:22AM pst



posted Oct 17, 2010 @ 08:23PM pst



posted Oct 17, 2010 @ 04:07PM pst


 those noodles look yum! But not as yum as you! **drooooool**



posted Oct 17, 2010 @ 01:23PM pst



posted Oct 17, 2010 @ 06:21AM pst


 I don't even know what to say, this is brilliant. I love the background, the blue color of the room is perfect and the noodles on your body are the best idea ever. Needless to say, you are beautiful. GREAT SET.

posted Oct 17, 2010 @ 04:38AM pst


I love this set. You are a beautiful woman and you really know how to show us that...

posted Feb 11, 2009 @ 10:40PM pst


my eyes feasted and wouldn't mind a second helping.

sjoukje looks so comfortable in front of the camera. she makes some lovely "fuck me" faces.

i'm glad i looked at this set right before lunch, cause now i'm extra hungry.

if you ain't craving something after viewing this set, you might wanna check your pulse.

posted Dec 29, 2008 @ 09:55AM pst


I didn't know that noodles could be THAT sexy !

This is my favourite set from you because it's so colourful. Good job :) !

posted Dec 11, 2008 @ 03:35AM pst

juiicy amazing for eyes!

posted May 29, 2008 @ 12:21PM pst

cataclysm this is a DIY?!? Amazing job!

your body is beautiful and that hair... WOW! :)

posted May 02, 2008 @ 10:35AM pst

Cyn beautiful love the setting

posted Apr 30, 2008 @ 02:03PM pst

Aria Ramen noodles look so much more delicious draped on a naked girl's body. ^___^

posted Apr 30, 2008 @ 09:17AM pst

Charity I never thought to combine a hot girl and noodles!


posted Apr 27, 2008 @ 03:30PM pst


awesome! everything about this is kickass

p.s. i looove your name

posted Apr 26, 2008 @ 01:56PM pst

KitsunePagan OMG I love pic #44

***falls over***

posted Apr 26, 2008 @ 02:54AM pst