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hello, guess who's traveling this year again

posted : Sep 14, 2018 @ 11:55PM pst

hello lovelies ! 


It's been... years, wow. I mean, I'm still here (see above for my last set with the amazing @Lillie-Rose) but I haven't really been active in a long time :( Life, right.

I am however, planning on doing lots of cool stuff for GG in Oct-Nov this year as I'm travelling from Australia to London, then Berlin for the Porn Film Festival, then to the USA briefly and back home to Sydney ! It would be awesome to meet up with some GG while Im travelling :3 


So yah. Very very smol update. Also very quickly. Was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism last year. Took a few solid months off my day job because I was very physically unwell, and before they could diagose a physical illness they had to make sure it wasnt psychosematic due to eating disordered issues in the past (which is just like a manifestation of the HFA) 

Also got diagnosed with esophagitis, chronic gastroparesis and gastritis (the last is all cleared now!)

So yah. it's been a wild ride this last couple of years !!

Sharle xo

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Gastritis is absolute hellll

I've dealt with erosive gastritis all this year and it's the worst

I'm so glad yours has cleared up!

If you ever are in Brisbane, let me know! 

posted Sep 21, 2018 @ 05:47AM pst

Yaaaaas u beautiful successful babe I can’t wait for ur new content xoxoxoxo

posted Sep 24, 2018 @ 08:55PM pst

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