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just such a tease

posted : Jun 22, 2015 @ 12:19AM pst

No Title

posted : Dec 17, 2014 @ 06:50PM pst

Hello internet, it is I, your not so fearless not so leader.

Lets start by telling you, I'm stoned, so, if the quality ever drops, just uh, blame that.

I art modelled on December 1st, and I'm starting to get photos back from it, so yeah.

I got to perform, I shook my butt to this V

i bought a laptop

posted : Aug 27, 2014 @ 07:28PM pst

you know what that means?



livin' it up

posted : May 18, 2014 @ 02:57PM pst

I guess I should start this off with the big news, and most of you that follow me on social media know... but I shaved my head.



posted : Mar 26, 2014 @ 11:16PM pst listening to : the music in Magic 2013 on xbox

Greetings Humans,

Alien she here.

It's been awhile, but you must know, I have so much shit on the go that you should all be stoked about! I wasnt going to make this picture heavy but then I got stoned and was like, yeah, lets do pictures.

Wait wait wait, first things first. I got into Art College. This is a...

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Name Sanguine
Age 24
Gender Alien She (She/He They/Them or Alien She pronouns)
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Queer
Occupation everchanging
Location Canada
Hometown in ur butt
Sign Leo
About Me Sleepy alien with weird hair. Narcoleptic brat. I make unlistenable music.
Why Im a GodsGirl The world must see my butt.
Music Ambient noise, harsh noise wall, crust punk, drone, blackened crust, experimental, hip hop, some indie, bad 90s music
Movies Empire Records... thats it. I just watch it on repeat forever.
Books The Memory Artists
TV Daria... thats it. I just watch it on repeat forever.
Education Art student
Ethnicity French-Canadian
Birthday jul 30
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