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Rambles of an Oddly Lonley but Content Hermit

posted : Jul 18, 2016 @ 06:55AM pst listening to : My baby bun Brucey snoring

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Hello !! (journal debut)

posted : Dec 27, 2015 @ 04:31AM pst listening to : bunny eating noises

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about Rynn

Name Rynn
Age 21
Gender Nonbinary
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Amateur Porn Producer
Location Bunnylandia
Hometown City of Angels
Sign Cancer
About Me Hallo. I have a fixation with bunnies and the colour blue. If it wasn't evident.

What am I somewhat about ?? I love to entertain. Chat with me, have a laugh, have a wank, and we should be good. I am in love with being indoors but my greatest pleasure is exploring nature. Cloudy outdoors so I won't feel gross.

Dislikes: sexism, racism, specism, the patriarchy, and these dang ants in my house,

Likes: music (!!), singing, drawing, tacos, avocados, tiny homes


I am so carefree it hurts. So go ahead and ask me questions. Nothing like a good interrogation to set the tone.
Why Im a GodsGirl Experience & knowledge aaaand of course meeting new beautiful people. It always seems so supportive here so I would love to contribute !!
Weapon of Choice Scissors~ snipsnip
Hobbies Music, drawing, being a buttface to Daddii
Music Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative
Movies Meet the Robinsons, Zootopia, Jurassic Park, Fight Club, & Lord of the Rings
Books The Kite Runner (to be the most minimal)
TV What are this. For reals though, I don't get attatched to shows or movies often, but I really enjoyed Dirty Job..with Mike Rowe =D
Food French frites are love. French frites are life. And tacos. Frick me up tacos.
Ethnicity Mexican
Birthday jun 27
Goals Have a Rabbit Rescue Cafe C=
Bedtime attire In the nuuuuude.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure My girlfriend~
Unicorn or Pegasus? Flying, horned English Lop. I chose no other.
My Websitemfc.im/RynnRabbit