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You guys!!! posted : 05/26/13 at 07:49am pst

I love checking up on you, but must admit it took me a while to accept that I have become a lurker. I have been for almost a year now, looking at your IG's, tumblrs and twitters without saying much of anything. My life is in a totally different place than I ever would have imagined. I am working so much these days!! Saving, paying off a loan,

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Updates! Meowzers! Photos! ~Members Special~ posted : 10/16/12 at 10:45pm pst listening to:/watching adventure time

OLA, beautiful ladies and members of Godsgirls!



It has been some time, and I apologize for not updating sooner. I have had so much going on, and there is so much to tell you!!!

One of the first things I noticed when I logged on was NEW HEADERS. I remember the girls requesting to get some for a long time, and

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MIAUUUUUU posted : 03/04/12 at 08:04pm pst

WOW, so many hot purg girls who made it through! Meeeow! Almost everyone I wanted to vote "yes" for already had over 60% in yes votes, fucking great job guys. :)

Lots has been going on with me, busy with my etsy store, selling kawaii bits and pieces... Busy volunteering at the RSPCA and ZOO... FINALLY got some free time, so have been enjoying

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New Sets + Bunn Bunn + Miss Ink posted : 02/19/12 at 08:17pm pst listening to:/watching Adventure Time
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UMHI. posted : 02/11/12 at 04:33am pst


I was messing around with the HDR camera on my iphone. I rarely use it for photos of myself.



I like the results. Definitely using it more!

Lilu and I had some epic hangs last week. We wanted to do a double GG shoot but she had a massive assessment due for her course and had to prioritise that. We WILL be doing one soon, I promz!



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