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Summer Brings

posted : Aug 03, 2017 @ 05:18PM pst listening to : Blues travelers

I love and appreciate my GG fam to bits! Stay tuned to this appreciation post for a preview of my next set (: You all leave me the most lovely comments! I would like to address the posts on my latest set 'ass glass & grass' I'm glad my humor wasn't lost on the title (:(:


@melissa ~ I would be honored to play in the grass with you beauty (:(: 

@Jenna ~ I want your name tattooed on my butt, it shall read "wifey"

@carson ~ you are amazing and I miss you and can't wait to see a new set <3

@norah-gold ~ welcome back mega babe! bowl packs and butt naps are the best! :P

@lace ~ you can join me and @melissa in the grass and we shall frolic and be lovely :)

@rebel ~ thank you babe! I am very much looking forward to your upcoming multi set <3

@emerald ~ can I be obsessed with you? heart eyes forever!

@lua ~ thanks love, up to this point all my sets have been shot on my phone but new sets are coming shot with a dslr!

@blath ~ I just appreciate you looking at my sets your babeliness you, tyvm! also congrats on your set of the month!

Also huge grats to @selina for GG otm! <3_<3

I recently was gifted a Nikon DSLR from the most wonderful fan ever and have been shooting new stuff for GG. Just yesterday I shot a set covered in gold glitter that I am putting the finishing touches on. Already in the queue is my next set 'aqueous transmission' so enjoy this preview. 


Oh yeah, got my hair cut short for the 2nd time in my life. Also saw incubus live last month for the 3rd time and they are still amazing as fuck!! Soon I will have previews of my gold set for you all. I am excited to bring you better quality images. In all my previous journals I linked my photos with is.the-biz and now they're gone, waaa! Will be using imgur from now on. I also intend on writing a bts journal about each of my sets (to include goofy facts about the making of each). Ta ta for now <3 XOX

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BABE!! we absolutely need to get together. i'm going to shoot you an email RIGHT NOW 

posted Aug 19, 2017 @ 03:44PM pst

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