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June-Pic heavy!

posted : Jun 27, 2017 @ 03:02PM pst listening to : Black hole sun

Hiii sorry!! I haven't updated my journal since January! Here's a look at my next set to make up for that - "Ass, Grass & Glass" hardcore! 73382_glass23_1.jpg 73384_glass34_1.jpg

If anyone is travelling through MD I'd love to make some content for GG or amateurporn (: I recently got a dslr camera that I'm hoping will help me step up my content game. Thank you aslways for everyone who has shown my sets love. Every comment encourages me to keep shooting! GG fam, you're the best! If you missed em, here's my latest sets - 'Bambusa Vulgaris' *shot by GG lizzie, 'Riverside Romp', & 'Love Like Winter'. Also check out lizzie's set 'Perturbed Paths' shot by yours truly (:

73385_39.jpg 73386_54.jpg 73387_65.jpg73406_31.jpg

I'd like to post a little 'bts' info entry soon higlighting interesting facts about the making of each of my sets. Shout out to any GG winners/nominees of AltPorn.net's 2017 APN Awards. It was great to see GG represented and APN even sent me porn swag for not being able to make the award show. They write some amazing articles worth reading. Bad Dragon is also getting a special mention for gifting me the most amazing care package EVER!!! <33373389_0530171744.jpg 73393_PhotoGrid_1498600170605.jpg

Recently I've been making more New videos for AP, you should check em out! Dragon cock creampie, b/g sex & oral, a little foot fetish bj, panty stuffing, and more @ www.amateurporn.com/misslolo 73394_Screenshot_2017_06_24_16_16_16.png 73395_Screenshot_2017_06_21_22_55_21.png 73396_Screenshot_2017_06_27_18_00_33.png 73397_IMG_20170627_175737.jpg 73398_IMG_20170627_175724.jpg

Now that the smut is taken care of let me finish by closing with some nude/non nude selfies. Thanks for hanging in there, baby! Btw, purgatory is backkkk! Go vote on the newcomers (:73399_Snapchat_100843138.jpg 73400_Snapchat_99424250.jpg 73401_Snapchat_777705174.jpg 73402_Snapchat_662579774.jpg 73403_Snapchat_1656493575.jpg 73404_0328171649d.jpg 73405_0502171445d.jpg I hope you enjoyed these ramblings. This journal took a little longer to write then I wanna admit. Lol. Til next time. Peace, love, & light! XOX Lauren

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Your hair is so many colours, I love it!

posted Jul 03, 2017 @ 04:38AM pst

Alas, I am addicted to hair dye. You know the struggle (; thanks most beautiful emo babeee <333 xox

posted Jul 03, 2017 @ 01:40PM pst

I know it well haha!! But mine's usually only one colour at a time ;) 

posted Jul 04, 2017 @ 05:07AM pst

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