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i feel like.. posted : 04/03/13 at 09:32pm pst

 i haven't logged on in like a year.. 

what's new?! my life has been so busy and amazing! egads! i don't have much time to write a full journal.. but here's some recent pics for now :)


xoxo LL

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my boobs are my bff posted : 10/23/12 at 09:38pm pst

 here's my new boobs (and some photoshoot stuff i've been doing)

Photographer: BV Imagery

Photographer: Shot by Daniel Jacob

i love that i have completely different nipples. haha.

i've been travelling so much this year. just got back from mexico! it was so beautiful. went to Cabo and stayed in a really nice resort: Pueblo Bonita Pacifico. highly

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i'm getting boobs! posted : 09/06/12 at 01:39am pst
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i'm in a Magazine posted : 08/26/12 at 03:46pm pst

 Rabid Magazine, shot by the GG member JNightmare


I've been trying to be outdoorsy lately with hiking and and going in caves and whatnot with my friends


and here's just some other photos i'll leave ya with

my mom got diagnosed with cancer. in her ear (weird huh?) but they say it's a common form and are almost certain it's treatable with a small

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europe photobomb posted : 08/10/12 at 01:24pm pst

 I am now home from my trip abroad to London and Paris. 



After I returned home I put extensions in my hair. I like em.

I also rescued two Chiweenies.

life is good.

xoxo LL

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