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That Clarity song.

posted : Jun 08, 2013 @ 05:54PM pst


So i covered it. lol. 


Censors. Fuck em.

posted : Jun 04, 2013 @ 08:25AM pst listening to : A perfect circle

The Artist's WAY.

posted : Jun 03, 2013 @ 08:32AM pst
Testing. Testing.


posted : May 24, 2013 @ 08:26AM pst

 So, I'm actually getting back in to writing music. Nothing great yet...but something is coming out finally!

I've just started piano lessons, so you know...I'm learning still. But I've recorded my first attempt if you want to see!


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About Me I'm ultra weird, and perpetually happy!
Why Im a GodsGirl It turns out that I'm really good at getting naked on the internet, and interacting with folks! This is a great community, and I'm so glad to be a part of it!
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