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This Guy.

posted : Feb 10, 2017 @ 06:31AM pst

Soooo guess who shot super close to a whole set but fell short and was planning to take a couple extra shots to make it in time for a red/white themed valentines set, but ran out of time bc im they're failing mega hard at adulting lately *yep you guessed it: this guy* 

I will ofcourse eventually shoot and submit it for you guys because im actually suuuper in love with it and am quite proud of the content. Sigh. Something to look forward to atleast though (trying to remain positive), I do already have a set in queue that im excited to finally show you all too, so i cant wait till that makes it through. 

In other news, Ive started studying full time again this year! Now instead of being un employed and disabled I can pass of my lifestyle as 'Student' which sometimes makes me feel more 'normie' :p 

Im studying specialist screen and media makeup so one day i can get the dream job of doing hair and makeup on porn sets ect like porn mum  @jenna lol! Seriously tho.....The more im involved with SW and SWERS the more happy and content i am with life and the great people i meet. 

Also happening just this week a shit storm of shitty medical news so ill be dealing with that drama for the forseeable future, god knows what my body will throw at me next! This got real long real fast?? In fun news i start filming with a local group of creatives on a really exciting art porn project. And im attending a valentines fetish ball so at least the rest of my week will be fun ;) 

Dumping photos now to reward anyone still reading this far ahahah 


Private blog available through Patreon pledges www.patreon.com/luasnow

im still figuring out how to navigate patreon propperly.


Sneek at recent shoot (debuting on patreon also) 


aannnddd impressive butt bruises! 

Much love xxx Lua 

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Can't wait to see your next set hunnie, your pictures are SO beautiful <3

posted Mar 21, 2017 @ 09:48AM pst

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