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MAGFest, Patreon and New Sets!

posted : Feb 22, 2017 @ 03:50PM pst


This is the first shot in my 52 week self portrait project. I'm actually about 4 weeks behind, but maybe I'll catch up today? That's depresson for ya...I want to release this full set on Gods Girls at some point, but we all know how I take forever to edit shit. So yeah.

About this photo...this was taken while me and my dude were staying at a hotel in Alexandria, VA for MAGFest back in January. We had been going every year for a while, until last year all of the hotels sold out within about 3 hours (while we were both at work) so we decided just to skip it and save the money. We were determined to go this year. It's something we really look forward to and it's a nice rest after the holiday season for us. Of course, once again, the hotel sold out in record time. This one was about 15 minutes away and I liked the look of it, so we decided to give it a try. The first night we stayed with some friends down there who we hadn't seen for a while. Ate delicious tacos and cuddled their dog. Checked in to our hotel the next day and it was gorgeous. Let me skip around a little bit. Idk wtf is up with Alexandria but every time we left our hotel to try to get to the convention or whatever, 15 minutes turned into a half and hour or more. My gps did not give specific enough directions and we ended up getting lost every time. It was freezing outside. It really turned into more trouble than it seemed worth, and after spending one day at the con and paying for food on top of that we were both almost broke. I was so sad that it wasn't turning out to be the great release it had been for me in the past. The holiday season gets so stressful for both of us at work that I really needed a break...and this just stressed me out more. The second day it was snowing outside, so we ended up just staying in the hotel. We went swimming at the indoor pool. I shot this set, and then we spent most of the rest of the night at the hotel bar, and ordered takout. It wasn't all bad...we spend so much on tickets and barely went to the con. We did get to see Matt Mercer do a panel which was rad, we ate all kinds of delicous food and got to spend time together of course...but I think maybe we will be skipping next years MAGFest to go on a different vacation. But I guess we'll see.


Now on to more recent happenings. Friday, right after I got paid, someone decided to use my credit card at a Walmart in Florida. I am very much in Pennsylvania...Long story short, I'm still waiting for my new card to come in the mail. They said 7-10 business days which means I could still be waiting til next week. I can't access any of my funds until then. After that I have to file a dispute to try and get my money back that was stolen. So I literally have no money to my name right now. We basically live paycheck to paycheck. I had literally set aside some money to start up a nest egg (we will have our own house in May!) and of corse someone went and stole my money. My bonus was on this check and everything. Sob story, I know...I have some shoots coming up where I'll be traveling a bit and I really don't want to miss them!

I just recently launched my Patreon page! I will be sharing my modeling, photography, videos and more in one place! If you enjoy my art, please consider pledging even as little as $1 per month. It would mean the world to me! If you sign up before the end of February for just the $20 tier you will receive two sets of the month (one featuring me and the other of a model I've photographed), access to all of my previous patron only blogs and sets, and a personal thank you email from me! There are more goodies at even higher tiers including one of a kind instax and prints, custom videos or photo sets and even webcam shows! Check it out!

Kelly Sassani is creating Photography, Modeling, and Art | Patreon

I'm hoping my multi set with @miss-lolo comes out sometime soon, but in case you forgot...


Love, Lizzie

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Wow hunnie things have been busy/hectic/fun on your end lately! Glad you at least got to shoot a set at that lovely hotel <3 I hope the ass who used your card gets what's coming to them! Your candids (and snaps) are so lovely! *everyone add her snapchat!!* looking forward to our multi set debut babe. Hugs!! :):) XOX

posted Feb 23, 2017 @ 11:07AM pst

Great idea for the project! I actually always struggle to take pictures of my antics, I really need to remember more.

I hope your life sorts out a little bit bb <3

posted Feb 23, 2017 @ 07:41PM pst

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