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Update... with lots of pictures!

posted : Apr 07, 2013 @ 06:35PM pst

 Hi everyone!!  I'm sorry I haven't updated in months, things have been crazy hectic and I have been in a pretty crummy mood over the past few months, but now that they've slowed down and i'm doing better, I'm hoping to be able to be more active.   (I feel like I said that in the last journal, but this past year...

Back from the dead.

posted : Sep 06, 2012 @ 12:46AM pst

 It's been forever since I've been on GG and I feel like the worst model ever. :(  Things have been super busy the past couple months, but now they've slowed down.  I'm excited to have more free time to be on here more often & to submit more sets. :)  I'll give you guys some info on what i've been up to lately.

I got married! I married...

Random title name

posted : Apr 27, 2012 @ 12:36PM pst

I thought I had made a journal after my Easter set went live, but I was posting it through my phone and looking today from my computer, it appears that it did not post. :(

So, thank you to all who commented on my Easter set!  I appreciate it so much!  You all are the absolute best! <3

I shot another set the other day, gonna edit...

New hair/ easter set previews

posted : Apr 02, 2012 @ 04:59PM pst

Life has been super boring in my world.  Cooking, baking, cleaning, and thrifting. I'm starting to feel like I'm a 60 year old woman.

However, i switched my hair up a bit and i like it! I don't like the red in the bangs, because I think it's too dark, so I'm thinking about switching it to a light blue color.  But I like having...


posted : Mar 16, 2012 @ 12:25AM pst

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About Me I like: cats, owls, deer, reading, Snow White, David Bowie, food, getting naked, horror movies, all things kitsch, tea, true crime, HP Lovecraft, trying to be a 1950's housewife.
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