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Yesss, you are gorgeous!

posted Nov 15, 2017 @ 06:35PM pst


what the hell liesl you are too beautiful youre sets are too perfect

posted Oct 29, 2017 @ 04:01PM pst


you're an absolute dream.

posted Sep 15, 2017 @ 06:27AM pst


Excuse you! How dare you make such perfect sets? This is flawless.

posted Sep 02, 2017 @ 12:40AM pst


You are fucking perfect

posted Aug 31, 2017 @ 06:18PM pst


Every single shot in this is absolutely stunning, holy moly these are fucking incredible! You are such a goddess. Seriously got lost in your eyes so many times. I am blown away.

posted Aug 30, 2017 @ 08:50PM pst


These are so beautiful and so are you! I want to say this is my favorite set of you, but that would be impossible to choose

posted Aug 30, 2017 @ 01:29PM pst


WOW this/u is so beautiful I welled up I miss u x

posted Aug 30, 2017 @ 05:22AM pst


you are so insanely beautiful, and as always, so are your pictures. You are so magically good at self-shooting ! I know how hard it is to get such pictures' quality and diversity, so, congrats. 

posted Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:54AM pst


Aaaaaaaah I was not ready. You look stunning (but then again when do you not, ever?). I love the contrast between the silky-looking undies and the jumper. Your make-up looks great. I also really dig the setting!

posted Aug 29, 2017 @ 09:21AM pst


I have never seen one bad pik of you! Really though, and your eyes convey so much emotion and connection to the camera/audience. Thanks for your lovely sets!! Xox

posted Aug 29, 2017 @ 09:06AM pst


this is all incredible. <3

posted Aug 29, 2017 @ 08:49AM pst


Im high rn and all my brain can manage is "holy heck balls". Absolutely adore this, wonderful as always bby <3 <3

posted Aug 29, 2017 @ 05:27AM pst


Everything you do is so gorgeous!

posted Aug 29, 2017 @ 04:31AM pst