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posted : Jul 23, 2014 @ 08:51AM pst listening to : the rain

Hello my fellow beautiful GodsGirls, I'm going to study abroad in Spain for the fall semester and will be traveling around Europe. Any models in that area wanna hangout?! I'd absolutely love to chill/make a set together. Also, I'll be in Mississippi for the next two...


posted : Jul 08, 2014 @ 07:38PM pst listening to : Otis Redding "Love Man"


I wanted to upload my first set tonight, but my printer is non existent and I need to print a form to fill out...

new kid in school

posted : Jun 25, 2014 @ 08:57AM pst listening to : Devendra Banhart "Baby"

I'm so fucking excited to be a GodsGirl and can't wait to meet new friends. If any models want to give me tips or wise lessons please do, I'm all ears. I went to the downtown...

about Lavenue

Name Lavenue
Age 23
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Bi
Occupation Space Cadet
Location Mississippi
Sign Sagittarius
About Me about to graduate with my degree in Photojournalism! I'll be studying abroad in Spain this fall. After graduation I plan to be a conflict photographer and go to law school. I have major green thumbs so I have a huge garden and grow tons of vegetables and GIANT sunflowers. I'd like to take up wood carving. I'm mildly obsessed with lavender. Stoner. Magick. Sex.
Why Im a GodsGirl There is nothing more beautiful and artistic than the image and movements of a nude woman. GodsGirls are strong beautiful talented women who express this amazing energy through photographs and videos...who wouldn't want to be apart of that?
Superhero Power The ability to pause time
Sexual fantasy atleast four pretty hippie lesbians all together
Weapon of Choice definitely flaming arrows
Hobbies photography, classical guitar, gardening, magick, writing, painting, kayaking, nature anything
Music Fleetwood Mac forever, Devendra Banhart, The Smiths, Simon and Garfunkel, Biggie, Disclosure, Grouplove, MSMR
Movies Blue is the warmest color, harold and maude, Dirty Dancing, anything by Quentin Tarantino, anything by Wes Anderson, Cruel Intentions, Jawbreaker, Clueless
Books anything by Chuck Palahniuk or Kurt Vonnegut
TV Girls, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City
Art Surrealism
Food Desserts all the way
Education Junior (professional college student)
Birthday dec 08
Who I Idolize Aphrodite
Goals never stop growing
Bedtime attire sheets
Nerdy Secret Pleasure WoW!, I collect vintage National Geographics..more to come...
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus :) I have one tattooed on my ribcage
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? Patrick who?
My Websiteluxrant.tumblr.com instagram/luxrant