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Practically just a photo diary update!

posted : Nov 16, 2016 @ 10:08PM pst listening to : worst/best numetal/youth nostalgia mix eva

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I have been so absent and I'm sorry!

posted : Aug 09, 2016 @ 11:38PM pst listening to : some old guy yabbering on loudly

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This slack GG is sorry!

posted : Jul 02, 2016 @ 08:05PM pst listening to : The sound of a bustling cafe.

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I guess I can trash the "wannabe" part now!

posted : Apr 13, 2016 @ 04:14AM pst

 I guess I can take the "wannabe" part out of all my profiles that say, "GodsGirls wannabe" because... 

I'm bloody here, mate!

about Laurielai

Name Laurielai
Age 29
Gender Female
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Queer
Occupation Cam girl, dog mum, professional bruncher, (hairdresser).
Location Hellbourne, Australia
Hometown An irrelevant small country town
Sign Sagittarius
About Me I'm just a girl who wants to feel sexy and why not share that with the GodsGirl community? If you have any questions I'll do my best to reply :)

Instagram: @laurielaigodsgirl
Twitter: @laurie-lai
Why Im a GodsGirl Honestly... Babes.

A sexy outlet that I can be as creative and as me as I want and a community that is kind and lovely and so hot... *fans self*.
Superhero Power Hair magic. Turning peoples hair into rainbows and sunsets.
Sexual fantasy Being dominated in a parlour by a goddess, and also working with fourchambers. I just wanna kiss everyone please.
Weapon of Choice A straight edge razor.
Hobbies Hairdressing (I am qualified), selling patches/badges, crafting of some kind, playing guitar and uke.
Music Bands with girls in them, and Okkervil River. It's such a cop out answer but like, anything but dance music/doof? I would say ladies of blues (Ella, Billie, Sarah, Peggy) and girl bands/bands with girls in them like Against Me!, Amy Winehouse... too many.
Movies The Doom Gen, Heathers, Tank Girl, Alien, Natural Born Killers, True Romance, Martyrs, Lost Highway, Mulholland drive... Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller
Books Comics... I'm pretty new at it so currently just indie stuff.
TV Buffy, Twin Peaks, Battlestar Galactica (but I need to rewatch), Top of The Lake (it's a New Zealand show, it's heavy as fuck and so good like... Just watch it). I fucking love reality TV and I will basically take any of it.
Art William Schaff is my favourite artist hands down. Otherwise tattoo artists.
Food Right now. Curry Don, Ramen, Vermicelli with vege spring rolls, salt and pepper tofu, fried halloumi (sorry i'm not vegan). I'm a huge sweet tooth (I can eat chocolate for breakfast) but I have no self control.
Education I studied music on vocals but I didn't do my exams because ~life~ happened, I studied hairdressing but I can't do it full-time because ~life~ happened, and now i'm being a mature-age, student/brat studying a Bachelor of Arts part-time.
Ethnicity White bread.
Birthday dec 14
Who I Idolize Uhm, my friends and fam are generally my inspiration for getting up every day.
Goals For GG - Make excellent sets, make excellent friends.
Bedtime attire From nothing to knickers to full grandpa flannel.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Nothing is secret. I'm newly nerded so out-nerding someone still gives me a thrill but also learning new nerdy things is excellent.
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus but like a huge, black, one with super strong wings and a shiny as fuck coat, mane and tail. (I'm also a horse nerd).
My Websitewww.twitter.com/laurie_lai