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4 Years on GG

posted : Sep 30, 2018 @ 10:26AM pst listening to : Kitty Purring

Wow, y'all, as of yesterday I have officially been a GodsGirl for FOUR YEARS. I can't believe I have made so many blogs like this and it still feels surreal every single time. I still log in here and am like, "Wow, I'm actually a GG, what the heck?!"

I still can't believe what beautiful friends and family I've made. How welcome and open everyone has been to me. I have lifelong friendships because of this site and that's not something I honestly ever expected. I've had a community through porn before, but I have never been as close as I am to the people on here.

I once again want to thank GodsGirls and its amazing community for allowing my creativity to flourish. That is the one thing I needed SO BADLY. Before, when I was on a certain other site, I tried so hard to be what they wanted me to be. On here, I'm just myself, and that's something you can't take for granted. People in this industry really try to mold you into being what they want you to be, but I have fought back against that every step of the way, and it's because of GG that I finally became proud of the porn I was making and finally got back to making art. That should have been a given from the start.

Anyway, with that sappy stuff out of the way, I'm going to do the fun part of my yearly blogs where I talk about all the sets that came out last year. Photo dump/rant incoming so if you don't care about that, feel free to bail.


Starting off with last year's Halloween set - Laying with the Devil. This, like all my Halloween sets, is one of my faves EVER. It was hugely inspired by In This Moment's entire last album. Hence the name of the set. I also just really wanted to draw this rotting effect on my arms by covering them in black Sharpie, so that was a lot of fun. And shout out to me for living in a studio apartment for so long and still figuring out new ways to utilzie my workspace, because that was a goddamn FEAT.


Next up was Turnips and Daisies and holy shit I spent so much time on this set. I am so kin with Yennefer from The Witcher it's not even funny. I needed this set to be PERFECT. I spent so much time putting together the perfect costume, sewing shit together, taking a million and one photos. And the EDITING. Holy fuck, dude, I not only spent a week editing these photos, but I ended up not being totally happy with them and started editing all over again completely from scratch. But it was worth it. I acheived what I wanted, which was making sure everyone knows that I am literally Yennefer incarnate.


Next up was Bones of Iron which was literally just inspired by the fact that I found this adorable elephant dress in Forever 21 and wanted to shoot something with it. It ended up being this whole Biblical Behemoth-thing thing, which is A Lot considering how simple the set is haha. I really enjoy the color palette though. It reminds me of rust or like red tree bark. I don't know, but it's nice, and it's good to have some simpler sets thrown in every once in a while as nice palette cleansers.


My next set was a long time coming. I can't believe it took nearly four years for me to make a Friends set. That is my favorite show of all time and I still rewatch it from start to finish literally like once a month. I ended up going pretty simple with it, with just a few Rachel things thrown in, like the Frankie Say Relax shirt, her magazine addiction, and the Central Perk mug. Kinda sad I didn't throw in a lobster stuffed animal but oh well, I don't know how many people would've gotten that, anyway. I fucking love the lighting in this set, though, and I think the photos turned out gorgeous. I honestly ended up liking it a lot more than I thought it would because again, it's really hard for me to do simple haha. It also has one of the absolute favorite shots of me of all time:


Second to last is my Rammstein-themed set, "Ich Tu Dir Weh." I may have a problem when it comes to Rammstien. Maybe. A little. Maybe I think about Till Lindemann fucking me on a regular basis. That's normal, right? Probably not normal to get his face tattooed on you, but I do what I want LMAO! My favorite thing about this set is how 2007 aesthetic it is. Everything about it, from the colors, to just the Rammstein theme in general, reminds me so much of 2007 Myspace and I fucking love it.


My last set that came out just a few month ago was The Realm of Woe, which was in homage to Dante's Inferno, featuring my signature Lilith horns (I actually just shot another set with those a couple days ago, and hopefully someday there will be the technology avaible to allow me to implant them permanently into my head). Also, that was my first set with fake nails, and lemme tell ya, mad respect for anyone who wears fake nails because I couldn't do SHIT. But oh my god they made me look so fucking hot. That set turned out so amazing and I'm giving the fake nails a lot of credit for it.


I showed previews of the other sets I have in the queue in my last couple of journals. Here's a raw photo of the set I'm working on right now. I haven't even started the editing yet because having a vanilla job again is exhausting and I tried to actually relax this weekend. But oh my god it's gonna be fucking incredible. Shout out to everyone else with a blood fetish. I'm here for you yet again. xx


Thank you all so much for the support over the years. I love you so much, and I've grown so much, and I hope to keep doing it til I'm dead. <3

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