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Huge Life Changes

posted : Aug 23, 2018 @ 04:08PM pst listening to : Race Chaser Podcast

Hello, beautiful friends!!

Just wanted to make a journal because my life is pretty wild right now. I'm shooting two GG sets this week because *drum roll* I'M MOVING BACK TO MY HOME TOWN!

I wanted to move back two years ago, but some shit happened with my boyfriend's grandpa and that ended up falling through. Then I got a vanilla job and started doing that. Then my boyfriend's grandpa passed away. Then some shit happened at said vanilla job that made me quit. My last day was on the exact one year anniversary of when I started.

So now we're officially moving back. I have lived in my current city the whole time I've been on GG. I came here for college, got my degree, and basically got trapped. Which happens to 99% of the people that move here. But I'm finally escaping!

The reason I need to shoot these GG sets before I leave is because A.) Location and B.) I don't wanna move a bunch of fake plants.

So on Monday I shot this Bulma set in the desert. Which is one of the saddest parts. I adore the desert and I'm gonna miss it.


On Saturday I'm going to shoot yet another Poison Ivy set. Hope y'all aren't tired of that yet!

I just wanna once again thank my GG family for always being my rock. This is some stressful, wild shit. I don't wanna have to go to job interviews again and pretend to care about management. I don't wanna have to move all my shit. I'm worried about my cats and how stressful it's gonna be. But I always have my lovely porn home to come to and feel better, so thank you all so much.

And some really great news: We're gonna be living in an actual house and my boyfriend's dad is a trucker so he'll be gone weeks at a time. I'll be able to shoot so much content, in so many places, without the fear of him walking in.

I can't wait to live near my family again, in an actual house, in my hometown. And even though I'm gonna miss my current city and all the friends I've made, I'm so ready to begin this new chapter in my life.

Love you all so much.

Please enjoy a small photo dump. xx






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You're gonna have lots of room for your kitties and snakey, yay!

posted Aug 28, 2018 @ 09:05PM pst

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