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Three Years On GG!

posted : Oct 08, 2017 @ 11:25AM pst listening to : Lindemann and Rammstein for a week straight

I'm sorry this is so belated but having a full-time vanilla job again has sucked all the energy out of me! I come home from work and I don't want to do much of anything, and I spend the weekends recovering. I just sit at a desk and enter shit into a computer but because of my CFS, doing that for eight hours a day, five days a week, on top of havng insomnia is just killer. On top of that, my GG anniversary happened to fall on the day we were there for 17 hours (plus 15 hous the following day) for quarter close, so yeah, suffice to say I was utterly wiped.

But I'm here now to make my yearly cheesy blog entry!

I've now been on this site for three years and I STILL cannot beleive it. Every day I wake up and log into here and talk to my beautiful GG friends is a day I wake up feeling blessed and a little bit like I snuck in here. I mean, being surrounded by such amazing people all the time really does make you feel like you were accidentally invited to a VIP party and decided to go and hope no one would notice you weren't actually supposed to be there.Well, I'm calling myself out right now, so y'all can kick me out of the cool kids club anytime lmao

But seriously, I just cannot even tell y'all what being on this site has done for my creativity, confidence, and overall well-being. I have gotten everything I ever wanted out of alternative modeling just through being here, and here's to three more years, and many years after that, more of being here and working my ass off to produce beautiful sets! I can't believe I already have up 51 sets and 2 videos. I really am striving to break the record haha.

On that note, I'm about to do my yearly "Here's the story of each of my sets from the past year" rant so if you aren't interested in that, you are free to bail right now, I completely understand.

Starting off with last year's Halloween, I think this is my favorite set ever. It's called "How can you eat pizza?!" (my fave line from any Silent Hill game ever) and it combines everything I love: blood, horror, monsters I wanna fuck, and Silent Hill. Seriously can't get much better than that. And here's the awesome hardcore video: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/silent-hill-fuckpour


After that I did my Princess Mononoke set and oh boy y'all have no idea how freaking ecstatic I was to finally be able to do this. The mask piece was a lot of money which is why it took me so long to finally do this, but once I did, all I could think was, "Why didn't I save up for this ages ago???" Princess Mononoke is my favorite movie of all time and I am just so happy I was finally able to bring San to life, even if it was after I grew my hair out again (I used to have the perfect hair length for this cosplay - ohhhh well). I also recently purchased the knife necklace from Hot Topic and was a little sad I didn't have that at the time of making this set, but considering how few people even know what Princess Mononoke is when they ask me what my favorite movie is, I'm guessing most people didn't really notice. It's called "Neither Human, Nor Wolf." Here's the hardcore video: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/mononoke


Next up was my very first GG video. I did it for Christmas and fucked a candy cane. I honestly don't know if much more needs to be said than that haha. It's called "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and you can purchase the full, hardcore, unedited version from AP here: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/candy-cane-surprise



My next set was called "Fibonacci Nautilus" and to be totally honest, it just came about because of the sick ass shirt I bought LMAO. It had a hot naked lady within a fibonacci spiral, so I just went wild with that, bought a ton of shells, and then plastered fibonacci spirals all over the photos. It's a meme that that's not how those spirals work now but I had a fun time trying to place them in ways that made sense - like putting the center of the spiral on my nipple or vagina, for example.


Back again with another cosplay set! My next set was my Scarlet Witched themed "To Be a Witch." I am such a slut for Wanda's original costume and honestly I hate the way the new movies did it. The headpiece she wears is just so fucking iconic and wonderful and I was so happy to own it, y'all have no idea. What was really fun about this set, though, was the editing. Usually I hate editing, to be honest, but this was so fun! I found some stock transparencies of magical wisps and bubbles that were free domain and then spent DAYS putting them perfectly in the images. This set was one of my longest editing jobs ever, but oh my god I had so much fun creating it. And here's a hardcore video: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/skyping-with-vision


My next set was "VVitch in the VVoods," which I shot shortly after the new Blair Witch movie came out. The most time consuming part of this set was hunting for sticks and making dolls out of them haha. Also, it seems some people were confused by the title and why I did the double v in place of a w. It was a play on the movie "The VVitch." The history of the letter "w" is actually super interesting (at least to me, but then again, I have an English degree LMAO). But basically the "vv" and the "uu" used to be the only things that existed, until the "w" came about due to people simply naturally writing that instead of two v's. The more ya know! Anyway, The Blair Witch Project is one of my favorite horror movies, the new one was amazing, and Adam Winnegard had just followed me on Twitter so I thought it'd be super cool if he saw this (I don't know if he ever did, he doesn't even have a Twitter anymore because of Death Note lol). This is one of my most visually stunning sets, I think. The colors came out so wonderful in it, and I really really love it. Here's the hardcore video: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/vvitch-fvcks-self-in-vvoods


My next set and video go together! I got this super cute bra and panty set with the intention of using them for another set I have planned, but ended up not being patient enough to wait, so i made these. They're both titled after the song "Judas," which is what the theme of the other set was going to be (and still is going to be - eventually - I have way too many ideas and not enough time and money lol). This is one of the most simple sets/videos I've made on here, so I don't have a ton to say except that I look super amazing in red. And here's a hardcore version of the video: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/mi-amor




The next set was my second one with my beautiful baby noodle Cassie. If you don't remember, I shot my "Inspired by @Liesl" a long time ago when she was still just a little tiny baby. It's fun seeing how much she's grown between the two sets. I was going for a "Lilith With the Serpent" vibe with this set, and it ended up coming out even better than I expected. But mostly because of Cassie, my beautiful little show stealer. And her getting tangled in my necklace was all her doing, but it actually ended up making some pretty fantastic shots.



My next set was "The Call Is Inside Me." I became insta obsessed with Moana, bought all the toys I could, and still listen to that soundtrack on fucking repeat. 


Next was Easter, and I fucked Jesus in a bathtub! By the time this came out, I no longer lived in that apartment, and now it just makes me sad that I no longer have a bathtub lol. I am really happy with how the coloring came out. I was worried because I shot the video first and it was SUPER dark. But the lighting in this actually turned out amazing. I only used like six candles to light up this entire set, so I was impressed that it worked out as well as it did. And I am always a set for some old fashioned blasphemy! This set is called "The Second Cumming," and you can find the hardcore video "The First Cumming" here: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/the-first-cumming


My next set was "Darth Side" and it was basically just an excuse to show off my Star Wars shit. I got this cute as hell jersey and thought that with some high socks, it'd be a super cute outfit. I was not wrong. Plus I fucked some pool tools and Kylo Ren's lightsaber, so that's always fun. You can see me fucking them way more in the hardcore video here: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/fucking-the-dark-side


My next set, "East of Eden," was once again just because I got some really pretty lingerie and wanted to shoot a set in it. Then it ended up turning out absolutely gorgeous and I was shocked by how amazing it ended up being. My hair was green, which made me think of a garden, which made me think of Eden. That's pretty much the only reason I called it that lmao.


My next set, "Mother Mary Won't You Whisper," is for @revmitcz because he suggested I shoot a set without makeup. So I did. But I couldn't JUST do that, because this is me we're talking about, so I gave it a loose theme. The fake gun in this set is Benny's gun from Fallout: New Vegas, and it has the Virigin Mary on it, which is why I used that Tool lyric as the name for the set. I HATE not wearing makeup when I'm making content, which is honestly so funny because I used to HATE wearing it and never did. But I'm so glad I made this set for my porn dad because it ended up being beautiful and I love it. I also have a Fallout: New Vegas themed video where I fuck this gun here: https://www.amateurporn.com/espikvlt/ring-a-ding-ding



My next set was a very spur of the moment Lana Del Rey themed set. I just REALLY wanted to shoot a set that night, so I was going through all my clothees, and then I found this red dress. I was worried the suicidal implications of the set would turn some people off, but that's why I love the song and music video so much, (and LDR so much in general - man she just speaks to the suicidally-depressed) so I just went for it. I ended up creating this movie-esque, vintage aesthetic, beautiful thing, and I just love it when some spur of the moment need to create a set results in something so lovely and wonderful.


Next was this year's Fourth of July set which was COMPLETELY different from the last one I did. The last one was a Lana Del Rey inspired set that just seemed to scream "I love America," but this set is a lot closer to my actual feelings, detached from my love for LDR. Although, it is attached to my love for another band: Anti-Flag. I had just gone to an Anti-Flag concert a little bit before I made this set, so that's what inspired me to do this. It felt so good to cut up the flag and throw it everywhere, I must say. It's called "You Can't Kill the Protest."


My next set, "Water Wash Me Clean," was another "I really want to make a set but have no idea what to do" kinda thing, where I just hunted for things I could throw together. So I went to Walgreens and found a bunch of Me To We stuff with raindrops all over it, and that's when I got the idea for this set - water. Very simple idea, but I loved getting all wet in this set, and my pink tips really shine against all the whites and blues of this set.


The next set I did was "Greek Goddess: Persephone" and oh boy this took SO MUCH WORK. I first made every single photo transparent, then bought the rights to the background use, and then placed all the transparencies over all the backgrounds, and THEN did my normal editing. But this set meant a lot to me since I literally DO worship Persephone, and I'm just so happy with how it came out when I was finally done.


And my latest set is from October 1st, which is after the date of my GGversary, but since I'm already here talking about my sets, might as well, right? My latest set is "Young and In Love," yet ANOTHER LDR inspired set. Her new album just came out and I simply had to do a set for the song "Love." That music video was a masterpiece. So I got a similar dress, flowers for my hair, and did my makeup the same way (plus found that adorable lantern at Walgreens - Walgreens has some seriously great shit as funny as that is to say). At first I tried making the photos transparent and putting them over a space background like in the music video, but that was not going well at all, so instead I decided to put fairy lights all over the photos. That ended up working amazingly, and I absolutely adore my new set. It is so fuckng pretty.


As for future sets: I currently have my Halloween set (yay!), a TV show themed set inspired by Friends, a fucking amazing Yennefer set, and a very normal set (as in it doesn't really have a "theme" but there are a lot of elephants because I bought a cute dress and decided to shoot a set in it lol) currently in my queue!

I also have some planned sets I haven't shot yet, including a Rammstein set that I've been spending a lot of time putting together. I'm waiting for some merch to get here and for me to get my Till Lindemann/Rammstein tattoo this weekend, and then I'll be shooting that.

Thank you so much for three amazing years on GG, and if you got all the way through this blog entry, thank you for being so interested in me! <3

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Congrats on 3 years!!

posted Oct 09, 2017 @ 12:22AM pst

The Princess Mononoke set is everything! I grew up in Japan and watching the shinto folklore and philosophy in Princess Mononoke always reminds me of home :)

And totally get what you mean about feeling like you snuck in to Godsgirls! Constantly pinching myself to make sure this amazing supportive community is actually real lol

posted Oct 09, 2017 @ 01:43AM pst


My 3 year is on the 28th!

I love seeing all your sets :)

posted Oct 10, 2017 @ 02:16AM pst

Wonderful journal hunnie, congrats on 3 years!! You are a powerhouse of sexy and creativity :):) xox

posted Oct 10, 2017 @ 09:33AM pst

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