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Two Years On GG

posted : Sep 29, 2016 @ 02:44AM pst listening to : New Ghost EP!

Omg, you guys, it's been two years already?!?! When did this happen?? Trust me, it still hasn't gotten any less surreal. I'm up to 33 sets, (34 once my new once comes out in a few hours <3) and I still can't believe my dreams came true. I get messages from people telling me they look up to me, want to make sets because of me, value my art so much it inspires them, and I'm just like... what?? I'm a nobody. Are you sure? I've even had other models say that kind of stuff to me, people that I idolized before I was doing it myself, and I can't believe how things changed so drastically for me. Yet I don't feel very different. I mean, I still feel like the same boring person who's trying to figure myself out just as much as anybody haha.

Kinda repeating myself from last year's blog post on my GGversary, but: I got in by the skin of my teeth. My purgatory percentage was on the exact number you needed at the time to get in, and I was close to giving up hope, if I'm being completely honest. But I was woken up at 5 AM by my ex-boyfriend shaking me and saying "You made it! You made it! You're a Godsgirl!" I was in sleepy state of disbelief and the entire next day felt like a strange fever dream. I couldn't believe I was existing in reality. Finally. It was real life, dude!

I can't express how honored I am to be here. I can't express how humbled I am by all the talented, beautiful people around me. I still idolize a lot of them. I still try to emulate things that they do in order to better myself. And I still can't believe that so many of them are actually friends with me now. Not worthy. Not worthy.

I just want to express my appreciation for every single person on this website: from my porn mom and dad, to my fellow models/true friends, to the fans who pay to see these sets and tell me how much they love them. It means so much to me knowing you guys like the work I'm producing, and I have no plans to slow down anytime soon. I have my next two sets planned as I type this, and I have just finished my Halloween set. I have a new one coming out today, and after that I'll have 5 more in the queue. As long as you guys want to see them, I'm gonig to keep going. Even though I always considered writing my greatest passion, it turns out I love making sets slightlly more. And I do oogle my work, if I'm being completely honest. But I don't just see a set when I look at them - I see my blood, sweat, and tears. From the work I did to get here, to the work I put into each and every bit of content I produce, I seriously work so damn hard at my nude photos and on my sets, and I just hope that y'all can see that like I do.

Now I'd like to switch gears slightly and talk about my sets themselves. Last year I recapped all the sets I hadn't yet talked about on the forums, and I'm just going to start where I left off. There's a lot of sets to get through, so if you're done with my blog now, I totally understand, haha. 

Following the set that was coming out the week of my last GGversary, my 18th set was "Name That Killer," from last year's Halloween! I didn't think the allusion of the title was very easy to recognize, and I still wonder if people get it. It's a reference to Scream, wherein Friday the 13th is mentioned. You can figure out the rest. ;) 

Halloween is my very favorite holiday, and I really wanted it to be just as good as the year before. The problem with that, of course, was that my debut set was on Halloween, and it's kinda hard to top a debut no matter who you are. But regardless, I not only tried to create a mix of horror and sexy, but I also included my Baphomet backpack in the corner of the setting, in my attempt to hint at my first set and make tribute to my beginning on GodsGirls. I also think I succeeded on the whole sexy/spooky thing pretty well. 


My 19th set was "Lady Orochimaru," and if you know me at all, I probably shouldn't have to explain this set a whole lot haha. It's my second Orochimaru-themed set on this website. Let me live.


My 20th set was "Nutcracker's Princess." I love Christmas almost as much as I love Halloween - ALMOST. And when I was a kid we used to see The Nutcracker every single year. There's so many home videos of me wearing my fancy dresses and dancing around, pretending I was a ballerina who would fall in love with a nutcracker. For several years I even said I wanted to be ballerina when I grew up, because I was so into The Nutcracker. I still collect nutcrackers to this day, so this set was more special than it probably seemed when I was fucking my giant Nutcracker boyfriend.


My 21st set was "Hell Bunny," which was a totally spur-of-the moment set. I saw this cute dress at Hot Topic, and the brand of the dress is Hell Bunny. I had these bunny ears at home and for some reason Dress + Bunny Ears + Gun = Weird gangster thing? I honestly don't know. But I do know it's hot.


My 22nd set was "Flame Alchemist," my Roy Mustang cosplay! FMA was my very favorite anime for such a long time, and I wanted to be a homunculus so bad. My friend and I were like 10 when I was super into it and we'd play FMA - super dorks! But I also wanted to dress up in this sexy uniform so that's exactly what I did.


My 23rd set was "Robot Lovers Never Die." I shot it way before Fallout 4 came out, just cus I wanted to use my robot arm for something. It became a Nick Valentine theme when Fallout 4 came out and I realized it NEEDED TO BE A TRIBUTE TO NICK. Plus the name I came up makes so much more sense now - at first it was just because I had a My Chemical Romance hourglass in the set kinda for no reason and needed to explain that. Isn't it funny how these things work out? And how expose myself like this?


My 24th set was "House Raptor." I know most people weren't super happy with Jurassic World, but I honestly loved it? And Blue was my favorite thing EVER and I rushed out and got a tattoo of her. And made a set pretending she was my cat-like dino pal. It was fun. My real cats weren't as amused I was using their stuff for this.


My 25th set was "GG Cheerleader." I was 11 when GodsGirls launched. But I love this site with all my heart and soul and wanted to show my appreciation. When it ended up being the set of the day on the actual anniversary, I was thrilled, honored, and flipping my shit. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the anniversary than dressing up in merch and putting my hair in pigtails - a rare but absolutely adorable occasion. I'm still so happy I was here to celebrate such a special day, and I can't wait to be here for the 20th anniversary. <3


My 26th set was "Leaf Spy," which is TECHNICALLY an Orochimaru set, especially if you go look at the description of the porn that goes with it (*hint hint* *wink wink* amateurporn.com/espikvlt). But I'm always looking for excuses to shoot outside. I love love LOVE how pretty outdoor sets are (and am doing another one on Friday wink hint wink).


My 27th set was "Remember Me," my Furiosa cosplay set. At first I was timid about doing this, because I'm obviously not bald and was worried having hair would detract from her character. Then I said "fuck it" and did it anyway. Again, I shot outside, this time in the desert. The sky was overcast and perfect and it turned out wonderful, despite my hair haha. I also ended up having another reason to wear my super great robot arm - I need more reasons to do that because I love that damn thing.


My 28th set was "Your National Anthem," for 4th of July this year. But even more than being a 4th of July set, it was a tribute to Lana Del Rey. There's no way in Hell I can emulate her absolute perfection, but I tried my best. And the colors on this set are honeslty so good like omg??? I love how it turned out for that alone.


My 29th set was "Rebel Bride," which has only been one of two Star Wars sets since I joined the site. I wanted to make this super cliche cosplay more unique so I did the only thing I know how - FUCK THE NEAREST OBJECT. That's the first rule to making Kvlt porn honestly? I've fucked so many weird things in my day. It's just normal at this point. But anyway, fucking Jabba was fun, especially since the little stuffed Jabba was actually very cute. I like my version better.


My 30th set was "Darth Ophidius" - oops I had to make-up for my lack of Star Wars content by doing another one right after the Slave Leia one! But there's no lack of fucking weird objects here! I've fucked so many lightsabers at this point. But anyway, my old Sith name was Darth Vale until I shot this set and decided I really needed something was was more me. Ophidius comes from the word ophidian, which is a grouping of modern snakes - the Snake Queen STRIKES again (ha). And my lightsaber is an Ultrasaber, speciallly made to blend purple and pink lights, my two favorite colors.


My 31st set was "Leviathan Dream Girl." I was originally going to call it "Meowviathan," but that was doing The Most, so I just said "fuck it." But yeah, I wear Satanic cat stuff and spread my pussy open on the Bible. It's super cute. It's super my aesthetic. I love it a lot.


My 32nd set was "Seventh Inning Stretch." I had wanted to use this bathroom to shoot a set since I found it several years ago - it's this perfect isolated bathroom that practically no one ever uses. But I never had the courage to actually try until I shot this Batwoman Bombshells cosplay set. I love Batwoman and I love cosplay sets and I love being naked in public - what a match!


My 33rd, most recent set, was "Harley's Daffodoll." I've done this entire series of meta porn where Harley and Ivy masturbate to each other's porn, and I wanted to make a GG set with that theme. This is also my second Poison Ivy set, because she's my very favorite fictional character ever and I would dress up like her and act like her every day if I could. They seriously just need to cast me in a movie as Pamela already, honestly.


The set coming out in a few hours (#34!) is my Arwen cosplay set, "Tolo Dan Nan Galad." Aside from loving Arwen since I was a little girl and wanting to look like her and her being the reason I fell in love with elves and always play them in D&D, this set is special for another reason: I shot this in the woods while a VICE crew filmed me. This set is special to me because it represents another jumping off point for my career. The episode I'm on hasn't come out yet, but it will soon, and I'm so stoked about this set releasing because I get to brag that I had a VICE film crew around me as I shot it. This is such a great set to be coming out on my GGversary, and I can't wait for y'all to see it.


Future sets: Princess Mononoke, Scarlet Witch, a set for Easter next year where I fuck Jesus, a set with shells and a Fibonacci sequence on me in every picture, and coming next month for Halloween *drum roll* a SILENT HILL NURSE set that I'm super fucking proud of and can't wait for it to release omg.

This week, on Friday, I plan to go shoot a Blair Witch themed set in the woods. I'm also putting together stuff for a Judas themed set, a la the Lady Gaga music video (sort of).

And who knows what I'll come up with next.

If you've gotten this far in the journal, thank you, first of all, for enjoying me as a person enough to read this long ass blog. And second of all: thank you for supporting my art. These sets mean the world to me. I pour my heart and soul into every single one and they take a minimum of two days each to finish. That's less time than I spend on my porn videos, the things paying my bills. I seriously dedicate so much of myself and my love into every single one of these, and I hope you love them, and will continue to love them, as much as I love creating them.

Thank you so much for the past two years. It's been a beautiful, wonderful, soul-healing journey. I've made an entire family here, and I've never been as happy as I am here. When I want to tune out the world and envelop myself in people I love and trust, I come here. Thank you for this second home.

Talk again soon,


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I read 75 percent of this but by the time I got to read you're doing a silent hill set, a Blair witch set and GAGA judas set I needed to change my panties. How did you know those are my fave things lol?! I can't freaking wait to see your new sets and I apreciatehow you explained each set you've made this far. Congratulations on your amazing GG journey babe!! :) XOX

posted Oct 07, 2016 @ 11:32AM pst

you are a set-machine! i love how much creativity and idea development you put into each shoot xx happy two years ~

posted Oct 27, 2016 @ 10:48PM pst

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