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amessiah nerd.

posted Jan 25, 2007 @ 07:33PM pst

Toryn HAHA, yes!

no pigment posse represent  <3 you K

posted Jan 19, 2007 @ 08:13AM pst

Kortni why is it like 2 seconds of NOSE OLYMPICS  and the rest is from my first set COMMANDER BIRD?!?!? wierd

posted Jan 19, 2007 @ 01:30AM pst

Missa I havent been able to see the gg videos. my computer wont play them, but I bet your movie was awsome :) haha

posted Jan 18, 2007 @ 10:55PM pst

lucretia You are my sci-fi dream come true.

posted Jan 18, 2007 @ 06:16PM pst


AHHHHHH that was my fav movie night ever!!

intense and funny..

god i love you kortni

posted Jan 18, 2007 @ 02:03PM pst


very silly girl<3

but too cute.

posted Jan 18, 2007 @ 01:42PM pst

Lee good lord, i love this girl! i mean BIRD!

posted Jan 18, 2007 @ 11:26AM pst