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baby!! posted : 03/09/09 at 02:40pm pst

lil baby girl is almost here! next month!!!! omg i'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore! it feels like i'll be pregnant FOREVER!!! i can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!

once she's out... it's time to get back to pre-preggo body again!!!


i can't wait!


that is all.



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preggers posted : 01/07/09 at 04:50pm pst listening to:oprah

so yea, i havent been around in awhile because....... I'M HAVING A BABY!!! it's a girl and she's due in april.

just thought you'd all like to know i havent forgotten about you's


love you all and hope your new year is treating you all very well.



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No Title posted : 04/10/08 at 04:46pm pst
yayyyyyyyyyyyy. hi.!

i havent updated lately. just thought i'd say hi. i'm gunna go eat dinner in a sec.

soooooo many new hot ladies!

ps.... GGs will be in the next TATTOO mag. i think chelsea, julene, and swindle are on the cover. be on the lookout

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musink posted : 02/23/08 at 08:09pm pst

so i played hookie today from work and checked out musink. it was ..... EH!

ran into althea, that beautiful piece of ass!

... and catra.... so fucking hot with her pink hair! WHOO!

i'm drunk still! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

it's awesome when you ditch work to go see the same shit you see all day at work. HAHAHA

that is all.


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gg in another tattoo mag posted : 02/20/08 at 07:45pm pst

i saw annaliese on the cover!!!!! whoo hoo!

and i'm i saw more on the toronto convention, in another magazine,  with lots of GGs in that article as well.


we're famous!

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