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labels are for soup cans + more titts

posted : Mar 14, 2016 @ 11:14AM pst

 morning sweet babes!

first off, thanks to those who have taken the time to comment on my latest set, labels are for soup cans! even though it has gotten the least amount likes and comments out of any of my sets, it got the third most favorites (so far), and I even got a couple...

titts & tatts <3

posted : Sep 03, 2015 @ 04:03PM pst listening to : the coffee shop house mix

 oh hey bbs <3

happy thrusty thursday, one and all!

(speaking of thrusty thursdays, i seriously bruised my pelivic bone using a strap on the other day... WHO DOES THAT? well, me. that's who.)

Porno Parties + Drag Kings

posted : Jul 27, 2015 @ 10:22AM pst listening to : FKA twigs - Two Weeks

 happy monday my naked & naked loving friends! 

it has been a busy last couple of months for myself, as i have shared in previous journals, and i am SO happy to say that i'm actually getting a bit of  break for the month of August... and then a new adventure in my education...

Happy Birthday 2 ME <3

posted : Jul 03, 2015 @ 06:28PM pst

 hi naked + naked loving buddies <3 TODAY I TURN... 31! can i get a shout-out to my fellow dirty30 models on here, puhleeze?!! yaaa.

i've had a fucking GREAT day so far - hottest birthday sex in the morning, breakfast with one of my besties, shot a super fucking sweet and sexy...

surrender + changes + more porn

posted : Jun 19, 2015 @ 01:40PM pst listening to : FKA twigs - Video Girl

 happy friday my naked + naked loving friends <3

these past couple of months have been a wild ride for me! i am unsure if things have come to a calm, but in these 30 some odd years (birthday is JULY 3rd, yo... don't worry. there will be lots of chances to shower me with...

about Kiyl

Name Kiyl
Age 30
Gender d) all of the above
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation i dig babes of all different identities
Occupation professional spanker of butts
Location Canadian Prairies
Sign Cancer
About Me i am a super freaky prairie queer, who is feisty as heck and femme as fuck. when i'm not watching 90s cartoons or hanging out on-line with you fine felines, you'll probably find me making mini pornos with other queer babes and studying up on anything to do with sex, sexuality and sexual health. other likes: my cat, my butt, masturbation, yoga, glitter, and black lipstick.
Why Im a GodsGirl can one have too many friends? especially NAKED friends? i know i can't! i am a GodsGirl because being a part of a community of strong, sexy, like-minded (naked) babes is important to me! PLUS, taking and sharing hot pics is super FUN!
Superhero Power i can make myself cum in under 20 seconds.
Sexual fantasy some consensual stranger sex is high up on my list
Weapon of Choice my vulva
Hobbies reading and writing erotic poetry, long distance running, genderfucking
Music Beyonce, Glitter Junkies, Azealia Banks, Angel Haze, Bikini Kill, Scream Club, TLC, Cyndi Lauper, William Control, The Cliks
Movies Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction, Lord of War, Whip It, Friends with Benefits
Books Cunt, The Feminist Porn Book, The Secret of the Unicorn Queen
TV Broad City, OITNB, Hung, Shameless
Food peanut butter, popcorn and politics
Education certs. in both yoga and reiki, and working on a degree
Ethnicity i'm a settler. my fam is a mix of Scott., German and Russian
Birthday jul 03
Who I Idolize Shine Louise Houston
Goals make so much porn featuring queer babes of all identities, and share it with my community.
Bedtime attire i'm either fully nude, rocking a cute kitty onesie, or in a pair of stolen boxers.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Samurai Pizza Cats
My Favorite GodsGirls YOU ARE ALL AMAZING
Unicorn or Pegasus? unicornz
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? #SaveDallas
My Websitekiylkeys.com