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Preview to my sets!

posted : Dec 21, 2017 @ 05:08AM pst listening to : my SO play battlefield 1

Unedited previews:


Yesterday I completed my first two gg sets! Had a fricken blast, and I cannot wait to share the finished products! 

A little background about myself and...

My first blog EVER

posted : Dec 19, 2017 @ 07:54PM pst

HEYYYYY, yoooo, hello! I am Kaiia Eve :) 

A few things happening this week in my life: lots of editing of clips/customs, preparing for family to arrive for the holidays, and preparing for my NEW YEARS EVE BIRTHDAY! Ahhh ya, my birthday is in a few weeks so that means the whole day revolves around me on the couch...

about Kaiia-Eve

Name Kaiia-Eve
Age 21
Gender female
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Bisexual Stoner
Occupation Booty Shaker
Location Denver
Sign Capricorn
About Me First and foremost, I am a high functioning permastoned pothead. It's literally never going to change. I am an avid user of medicinal marijuana here in the great state of Colorado where I currently reside. I have a significant other who I am in an open-polyamorous relationship with. I like answering respectful questions about the lifestyle we live so if you have any don't hesitate to ask. Together we have three dogs who we cherish. A day in the life consists of dog walks, creating content, seeing my closest friends, and typically cooking all FOUR meals a day at home, all while dabbing in between (...see, a HIGH functioning stoner, always). Ways to cheer me up: gifts, weed, sex, and food. I also am a sucker for compliments. I'm a bit of a naughty, kinky, freak. I explore and push my sexuality and kinks on a regular basis. I am a curvy tattooed Goddess who loves to be constantly creating content to help me feel like my wheels are not spinning in place. I am a body positive person who encourages all humans to love even the broken parts about them. The quality content I create is also to show my fans that I appreciate the constant support. I love presents from my fans, and I appreciate the love. Oh ya, and I did graduate from college with a Bachelor of Arts: I have decided that being a full time hoe pays a hell of a lot better.
Why Im a GodsGirl Something sparked in me. I had been modeling for a company for two years that didn't like my *porn* content, so I quit, and I applied to GodsGirl; a modeling platform I have followed since before I was allowed to even be on the site! Shh! So, here I am shocked that I have made it this far, but I couldn't be any more grateful and fucking excited that I am finally a fucking GodsGirl.
Superhero Power Visions of the future, my dude
Sexual fantasy A hot foursome in a glass room above a public place
Weapon of Choice These hands
Hobbies Weed, photos, twerking
Music Hardcore and really fucking sad tunes
Movies Rob Zombie flicks, Titanic, Closer, and Ice Age yo
Books White Oleander
TV Sex & the City, Broad City, The Office, John Oliver
Art Alex Pardee
Food Lol wow what an unfair question
Education College
Birthday dec 31
Goals to travel and shoot with some hot babes
Bedtime attire undies & a t-shirt
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Uno
Unicorn or Pegasus? Unicorn........
My Websitetwitter.com/kaiia_eve